First Cycle: Test Prop/Winny

Hey guys 45 yo 175lb 5’9 16% bf
Test prop 400mg week 1-8
Winny 50 mg weeks 3-8
Armidex on hand
Pct Nolva
Should I just run the test first and hold off on the winny? Looking to get more defined look while adding some size.weight training 5 days a week hiit 3 days a week and light cardio 5-7 days a week diet is pretty decent although could always do better! Any info or Suggestions or experience would be greatly appreciated thanks In advance

Are you using testosterone propionate? It’s half-life is extremely short. It might require pinning every other day to maintain a steady systemic level in your system. If you want weekly pinnings, I’d suggest enanthate or cypionate.

And, didn’t you mean to say 400mg a week instead of 400ml a week? That’s quite a bit of test.


These stats don’t scream “I’m ready” but hell you’re 45 so you do you bro. FWIW you need to consider you may end up on TRT after with age consideration etc.

Yes or pick a friendlier oral IMO. Winny is a bit harsh with side effects.

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I’d run all 8 weeks on winstrol orals. Maybe the first 4 weeks at a lower dose and the last 4 at a larger dose.

But I should say when I used winstrol the guys I knew only used between 10 and 20mg a day.


Yes was planning on pinning mon, wed fri, sun , I know it’s gonna suck eod, but it’s what I have on hand and my head x wife is an rn and she will be doing the most , being my age I’m a bit worried about the joint pain with the winny was thinking of starting around 30 a day then bumping up to 50 . You think it’s worth it?

Was thinking of dropping the winny and adding var instead .

Can you get some Anavar to stack with the Winstrol (or replace the Winstrol) so you can take a less toxic quantity of anabolics?

Var or Tbol for non estrogen converting orals. Winny has its place, but IMO, that is a small place that only a few get to (prepping to get on stage).

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To blshaw’s point: How would you gauge you strength level? As in how many reps can you squat (at least parallel) with 2 times your bodyweight and how many reps can you bench press with 1.5 times your body weight?

Generally speaking, IMO, if you can’t do one rep in both the above, you’re not yet ready to start AAS. You need to establish a good foundation naturally. Many will need AAS’s to reach 10 reps.

If I drop the winny you think I should bump up the test a bit or would it not make much of a difference? Really appreciate all the help guys!!

Just know you are asking advise for your first cycle. Most make very good progress with their first cycle if they have a good strength foundation and training form, and don’t need high doses of AAS’s. 400mg of test is plenty for a first cycle, IMO. (I never took more than 200mg of test in my three decades of competing, but I always took a stack of two or three additional anabolics in fairly conservatives doses compared to what I hear is going on today.)


My squats and dead’s I can get 10 , that being said this might sound like a bs excuse but I have always struggled a bit with my bench do to an old shoulder injury lol

IMO, you are a good candidate for AAS’s. I still think start with low dose cycles, and progress a little each subsequent cycle.

Keep an eye on your body’s ability deal with that high a testosterone cycle. I would aromatize (bitch tits) with 400mg/week.

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Not if using prop. Prop is stronger than longer esters so 400mg/wk is a good starting cycle. I would choose var, tbol, dbol in that order over Winny for your goals.


Thanks for all the help you guys are the best! I’m still like 3 months out . Got a few tweets to clean up
My diet a little . As well as have my levels tested ! I will definitely listen to what my body is telling me and keep a log and keep you guys posted as I move forward

IMO, make sure you are getting at least 200 grams of protein per day over at least 5 meals. And hopefully you can get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep every night. If you drink alcohol, never more than one a day.

Yes I usually sleep very well so that’s good ! Also don’t drink ( maybe a pizza and an ipa once a month), all and all my diet is pretty good . Just want to get everything dialed in before I start

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I have to ask, why prop? That’s not the friendliest first cycle ester to use and it’s not terribly common. And eight weeks is about half the length I’d recommend for someone on a first run. What’s the goal here? Like specificity, beyond what you wrote.

Prop cause a friend of mine gave me it and as far as my goals are I would like to lean out a bit also regain some of my youthfulness. I surf and honestly I’m looking to gain a little more stamina in the water . Do
You think trt would be a better choice for me?

IF you test low or low average this would be a better route than the illegal and riskier version.