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First Cycle, Test Prop/Winny


To start off I don't want to get bashed for posting this. I would like everyones help. I am turning 19 in about a month or so and have been working out for the past 4 years. When I Started I was 131lbs at about 6 or 7% body fat. Currently I am about 179lbs. That's about 48lbs in 4 years, I am currently 9% body fat and 5'10".

One of my friends juiced back in the day and told me that he didn't want me to but if I did I should do a 6 week cycle of Test Prop and Winny(introducing the winny later in the cycle). My goal is to put on 15 to 20lbs during my cycle. He told me I would inject 3 times a week for six weeks. I dont mind the injection part so much, and I'm not too concerned about the side effects because I would be doing a relatively small dose for 6 weeks. MY QUESTION IS: "Will I need to do any post cycle therapy?" and "Will this shut down my natural test production forever?"

Like I said just help me do this as safely as possible. I know I am very young to do Test but I want to do it as safely as possible, Thank you.


Yes you will need post-cycle therapy.

Everyone has different sensitivity in regards to the endocrine system. Some recover without using any ancilliaries, some never recover and are shut down for life.
Cant say if you will be shutdown forever but at your age the possibility is higher.


Absolultely no need to use drugs at this point. You have PLENTY of room left to grow. Seriously, youre young. Why are you rushing this?

At 19 and your size you should be able to put on another 30 pounds with ease. Assuming your diet and training is on point (which it needs to be before steroids should even come close to entering the picture).

Youre jumping the gun. Anyone giving a 19 year old advice is doing a disservice to the person.


Thats true, but from experience I can say that this guy will most probably go and do the cycle anyway using 'bro-knowledge' from his source and end up fucking up his system for life (or being close to it like me).


He may end up hurting himself regardless of the source of the info. That's the issue with teenagers and hormones. It's about THEM, not the info.


I agree with you but if he is going to use anyway isnt it better for him to use AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE rather than listen to shit like 'Ive never used a PCT so you wont need one either' from his fellow gym-rats.

Anyway bottom line is dont juice at this age.


Thank you all for your advice, it was quite helpful and thank you for not bashing me.