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First Cycle - Test Prop vs Cyp

Hey guys, I’m looking to start my first cycle and need some advice as there’s lots of information out there that’s conflicting.

I’m 25, 5’4, 125lbs and about 12% body fat. I’m generally lean / muscular but looking to add on muscle mass and strength.

For a first cycle, I wanted to take things easy with Test C for 350mg/week, with a nolv PCT for 3 weeks. But I wanted some advice, would AI (Aro 12.5mg/day) be required or is the cycle very minimal? I want some marginal muscle increase, while staying pretty lean.

On the other hand, I was thinking of doing a Test Prop cycle instead - 8 weeks (75 EOD) and wanted recommendation on what you think is a best beginner cycle.

I would have the AI on hand but if you are eating right etc I doubt you will need it at that dose. And if you did it def wouldn’t be 12.5/day

The only time I would use prop is if I were trying to cut before a comp due to holding less water(which will never happen because I don’t compete). Or at the beginning of a cycle for a kick start… Other than that there is no difference they are both test.

I guess if you have a needle fetish I would go with prop

Also I would run it 12 weeks. That seems to be the general range for maximizing gains.

I would run C or E for 10-12 weeks; 350mg/week should be fine and PCT for 4 weeks starting two weeks after your last injection. Keep AI on hand for if you need it, but you probably won’t.

You seem pretty small to jump on gear, have you tried bulking up naturally first? Seems like you have a lot of room to grow first.