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First Cycle. Test Prop + Turinabol. Is the Cycle Ok?


if you’re taking proviron as an AI, then there are better and less expensive choices, IMO. i doubt you’ll have much aromatization with this cycle, tho…

as far as the PCT, i’d suggest a lower dose of clomid, and run it longer. i’d suggest 25 mg/day for 6 weeks

Ty man. Here in Europe proviron is cheap as f*** , i mean come on i need 70-75$ for the whole cycle. It should increase free testosteron (that’s why wanted proviron during cycle) but at the same time should fight gyno
What do u recommend ? Armidex 0.5 EOD during the cycle ?
Should i start clomid 2 weeks before the end of the cycle (that’s what i’m reading right now)