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First Cycle, Test Prop Only 100ml EOD


So this post is my first post and I fee like it’s more so for other beginners like myself that don’t know what to expect.

I’m doing my first cycle with a friend who has done a few cycles himself. So all injections are safe and sterile. I cannot Stress this enough… treat it like a science, and be very sanitary. Train hard, eat lots, eat clean, and gains will come!

Little about myself, been training at a serious intensity for 2 years, before the cycle I was

Height : 5’10
Weight : 140

Very lean, hard to gain and pack on lbs.

So I started this cycle about 5 weeks ago and I’m half way through.


Height : 5’10 (of course height will stay the same lol)

Weight : 155

Age : 24

So the CYCLE is Test Prop only 100ml EOD, started noticing the strength gains at weekTWO. Really started to fill out at week THREE.

What I have noticed is my appetite is insane, I eat a whole lot more and constantly feel like I can eat something, my diet is pretty strict and scheduled. I try and get most my protein through eating and not just shakes. I have about 5-6 meals a day, not super filling, but just right.

Have made good gains so far hoping to gain another 5-10. Lol fingers crossed!

Every exercise seems to be a hell of a lot easier, weights keep stacking, and your endurance is incredible!

A couple tips to other beginners, which I feel is very important is to know what size of pin you need. And the rotation of the injection sites.

I’m using 1inch for all sites, now as for drawing the test I like to use 21g and swap to the 23g if I’m pinning the glute and 25g for the delts.

Very important thing also for all my fellow beginners. Always draw and inject with different tips. Just helps with sanitation and deffinitely helps with the pip. (Post Injection Pain)

Does it hurt? Week one where you go through your sites. It’s going to either not hurt at all or it’s gonna hurt like a b*#tch. For me it hurt so bad I barely could sit! LOL! But don’t be afraid! It’s all because they are Virgin Muscles. So the test is going to be considered as a foreign object in your body. But after that first week, it’s a pleasurable and you almost look forward to your next pin haha. And keep steady and calm!

If your relaxed the pin won’t.move around in your muscle and your pip will be minimal, twice now have I had a shaky pin and both times the next day it would feel like a massive Charlie horse with redness maybe 2 inches under the site for whatever reason, but with practice each pin becomes so smooth with little - zero pip.

I won’t lie, test prop can be intense at first. But stick it out and the gains will come with a clean diet. Some may be afraid of the pain but like the saying goes, no pain no gain…

I would love some feedback/tips from some more experienced veterans on the forum, open to questions and I will deffinitely be posting more about my experience throughout the cycle!


Very common for prop to cause PIP, no matter how careful you are with the needle.


Some good advice here. I would add that you should massage your injection site to disperse the oil in the muscle. Also, you did not mention whether or not you are taking anything to control estrogen. Not a good idea if you are not.

–just noticed this was an old post. damn I’m going blind!!