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First Cycle Test Prop/Dbol - How's it Look?


I plan on starting my first cycle soon and would just like some help and input on my cycle.

W 1-12 Test Prop 300mg/week (pinning 100mg Mon-Wed-Fri)
W 1-5 Dianabol 15mg/d
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD
(reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week)
W 13 Nolva 20mg 2x/d
W 14-16 Nolva 20mg/d

Stats: 37 y.o. 5'7 173lbs 15% b.f. lifting seriously for about 2 years

Goal: 12-15 lbs lean mass gain

Don't know if run Dianabol for just 5 or the full 12 weeks cycle.
How does PCT looks like?

Any feedback would be appreciated


So your only taking a little over one cc a week? Since one cc is 250mg. That seems low . If reccomend 500mg two cc a week Monday and Friday. Three shots is to much pinning which later on will result in alot of built of scare tissue where your pinning. Just a thought to consider.


looks good , i would drop the dbol though, and if set on running it go 3 weeks 4 tops with liv52 & milkthistle. better safe than sorry, unless u r prone 2 sides id rethink the adex & nolva these are great for helping but have their own issues . my 2 cents


DBol at 15mg for 5 wks?? Thats not gonna be a high enough dose to do liver damage (in most situations). Also advising against an AI and Serm? I wanna hear the logic behind this??

If I were you I would hit the nolva 40mg first two wks, and reduce to 20mg for last two. The test dose could be upped, but you can feel that out for yourself. If you stay under 500mg/wk you should be fine for your first cycle.





The liver toxicity is overstated somewhat. 4-6 weeks is fine under most conditions, unless you are completely stupid and go out drinking while on orals.

I personally know people who have ran retarded doses of orals for 8 weeks leading up to a meet. They are some of the top name guys, and put performance on the platform above health sometimes, but they are fine...although I wouldn't do it.


No, I'll take 6 cc a week = 300mg Test prop in three separate shots mon-wed-fri


thanks EzP, good advice on the Nolva dosage!!!
I would do 6 wk dianabol then and use an hepatic protector like legalon


im currently running a d,bol an test p cycle 200mg testp mon,wens,fri weeks 1-10
40mg d,bol ed weeks 1-5
got 5 days left with the d,bol have made some nice gains strength an weight wise all in all its a very nice cycle ...if you can try to up the d,bol as i think you need at least 30 mg ed for 4 weeks that would make it worth taking 15mg is just not enough.. the test sounds ok. just keep your diet clean drink shit loads of water train hard rest well, an you will see good results
as for the nova you do not know if your gyno prone yet as is your first cycle..follow what your body tells you..start your pct 2-4 days after last test p injection i go with 40mg ed for 5days 20mg ed for 21 days then 10mg aday for another 5 days i am not gyno prone so that works for me just listen to your body and reap the results of a good solid cycle ..enjoy


How do you know the concetration of his prop? And are you retarded, Prop can be injected everyday if you want to. Blood levels would be very unstable with injections only 2x p/wk.



I am not that experienced but when I did my first cycle I did very similar amount of test prop, pinned 100mg 3 x p/wk. I had very good results and with the same PCT as you outlined above, recovered well and kept most of my gains just dropped some strength which is to be expected.

The D/bol will only enhance your cycle and would be a good addition but you need to at least double your dose me thinks.

Good luck, you will enjoy it.