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First Cycle Test Prop/Dbol - How's it Look?

I plan on starting my first cycle soon and would just like some help and input on my cycle.

W 1-12 Test Prop 300mg/week (pinning 100mg Mon-Wed-Fri)
W 1-5 Dianabol 15mg/d
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD
(reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week)
W 13 Nolva 20mg 2x/d
W 14-16 Nolva 20mg/d

Stats: 37 y.o. 5’7 173lbs 15% b.f. lifting seriously for about 2 years

Goal: 12-15 lbs lean mass gain

Don’t know if run Dianabol for just 5 or the full 12 weeks cycle.
How does PCT looks like?

Any feedback would be appreciated

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