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First Cycle: Test P w/ HCG, AI


Want to start my first cycle in the coming months, need guidance. Done a lot of research & have a couple mates that use gear but they are careless and naive with it. I want to make sure I do it right so I dont fuck up my body, waste my money & time.

My goal is to gain strength, muscle all whilst staying in lean.
I have Test p 100g, HCG, AI, Nolva on hand.
Want to know what dosages you guys recommend for a 8 week cycle or if i should do 12 weeks for my first cycle? What needles for T & HCG, can I inject them together EOD?

My stats;
Age: 24
Weight: 94.2kg
Height: 188
Lean body mass: 79.1
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 44.1
Protein: 16.6
Mineral: 5.6
Total Body Water: 56.9
Total Fat Mass: 15.1
BF %: 16.1

@KSman I see you have helped a fair few of the guys on here and was hoping you could have a look and let me know what you think

Dude, he hasn’t posted on this site in nearly a year… except for one post a few weeks ago to say he’s not coming back. There are easily a half-dozen active posters who can give you better advice about a first cycle.

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My bad, I clicked his name on another post & it said he was active 11minutes earlier. If you had anyone in particular that you think could help me I’d really appreciate if you tagged them for me.

I believe you deserve to fall in @newbvet’s crosshairs but, again, there are plenty of guys who can point you in the right direction.

And you might want to figure out what’s wrong with your diet (and what’s wrong with the way you wrote your training) before people start posting.

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I dont need to see anything else. Leave the pharma forum and go to the training forum and dont use steroids until you get some training time under your belt.

BTW your diet is pointless sense you didn’t list the macros. Even without listing those tho I can tell you it’s looks like shit

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@zeek1414 I have been on & off with gym since I was 18, I work 40-50 hour weeks as a carpenter also so I am constantly active. Also stated I won’t be starting for months to come. Just want to plan it all out correctly.

Also added the macros in, if you had any suggestions on making it less shit I’d really appreciate it.

Wait at least a year if you can stay dedicated to the gym around your work schedule then consider a cycle.

Use test Enanthate not prop. That way you only have to pin twice a week. You don’t need hcg ona first cycle. Nolva will be for pct. Don’t use the AI unless absolutely needed.

12 is fine. 18gauge to draw 24-25 gauge to pin 1 inch length is fine.

Focus on getting this to under 13% before starting a cycle.

These macros aren’t necessarily bad altho you don’t need this many carbs focus on leaning up before your cycle.drop the fat a little as well.

Never get your carbs from scoops. Eat real food

Im not going to comment on training. Not that yours looks bad I just have no way to judge your intensity or form when training so I never really comment on peoples training because everyone says they train like superman so il just assume you do as well.


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Why do you recommend an entire year? I am not worried about losing commitment, if anything I feel the cycle & results will encourage me more.

I already paid for the prop & can’t refund so will have to stick with it. What do you recommend for dosing?
I done a fair bit of reading & so many people recommend the HCG, I even spoke to a doctor when I got my bloods done & he recommended using it also. & with the AI, wouldn’t it be best to use it even at a small dose during cycle to minimise chance of side effects occurring?

Dont mean to question your advice because I really appreciate it, just would like to understand more why you advised this.

Posted on here

Are you sure you want to direct him towards me? lol

If you wont be starting your cycle for a couple more months, then what would it hurt to wait a couple more months? Is this the only cycle you plan on doing? If so, then it is a waste of money. Do not use an AI on a scheduled basis. Use it as needed. Can you tell the difference between high E2 vs low E2 through experience? You will tank your E2, then your dick wont work. Then you will be back here starting another thread, “Help, my dick wont work.” HcG isnt really necessary.

Do you realize what a pain in the ass, literally, it is going to be injecting EOD? I really think you should spend another year or two just being a gym rat and eating a shit ton.


I’ll echo what the others have said. You can probably get by with fewer carbs, but otherwise I’ll leave the diet to you. I imagine as a carpenter you’re burning a lot more calories during the day than I do as a desk jockey, so what works for me might not work for you.

As far as doses go, that’s pretty easy. 500mg/w for 12 weeks. Since you’re going to be waiting a while longer you should save up some cash and grab a few vials of test e to use. Test is cheap, after all. And you will get very, very sick of pinning EOD by week three. There’s no reason to use prop in your specific situation so save yourself some pain (and excess scar tissue).