First Cycle: Test P, Also Using Fin & Recovering from Surgery

Hey guys,

First post here. I am starting a cycle of Test P (50mg ED). Clomid for PCT.

My intentions for this cycle are to lose body fat and gain some strength while doing so. I had shoulder surgery three months ago so I won’t be hitting any new maxes but I am hoping this cycle gets me back on track quicker than usual. Please let me know if you guys have any questions.

I would personally be interested in hearing you critique of this cycle. I kept it simple as it is my first, but to make it interesting to you guys I’ve got a little bit to add.

I am genetically predisposed to going bald; I currently have a receding hairline although it’s not too bad just yet.

I am taking 1mg Fin daily as well as using minox 2x/day. I will keep you guys posted on the progress and let you know if the cycle makes anything worse for those interested in the topic (like myself!). Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll post some pics if anyone’s interested.

BF% 13

My personal belief is that no one should blast post OP until they are at 100%. I think it can easily lead to injury. But you know your body better than anyone else so I wish you the best of luck and a safe blast! Def keep us updated!

Thanks for the input bro, is that because you’d be concerned with pushing too much too fast? Because I’m taking it slow and building up strength in a methodical way, as opposed to pushing beyond my limits.

This is def the first thing that would worry me. But aside from that my mentality is if I’m going to blast and put my body thru whatever strain blasting puts on it then I want to be able to get 100% out of a cycle. Unless my body is at 100% then there is no possible way for me to reap full benefits from the risk involved.

Stop taking Finasteride.

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Interesting. First time I’ve ever seen a study like that. I’ll check it out - thanks for the link.

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Makes sense man. This is my first cycle so it’s also more of an experiment on how my body reacts to the gear. I’ve got plenty of time step up the benefits later on after the first cycle.

Please do. It’s not a study, it’s evidence of so many guys killing their dicks with a drug that they named a syndrome after the drug. It can straight up destroy your libido and give you ED.

That’s all I’ll say, though. I hope your recovery goes well!

One of the highest occuring injuries associated with steroids is tendon and ligament issues. Basically the guys keep getting stronger so they keep pushing only it’s just their muscle that develops. The tendons and i believe the ligaments just naturally develop at a slower pace. Are you sure your body is ready for a cycle. Although pretty much any wet compound should help with collogen synthesis what they don’t tell you is your fastly developing muscle tissue is sucking the calcium out of first your diet then your body.

I dont know what the issue was with you shoulder and it is true that certain compounds can help you recover from certain injuries. Please be careful. Definitely increase your calcium intake and vitamins just help a little it needs to be in the food naturally.

Out of curiosity why did you choose test propionate for your first cycle and then choose to pin it everyday? Enanthate or cypionate would have let you pin just twice a week. Was it an issue of what was available?

Other than all that you seem to have a good layout and a good starting point. Vastly superior to some of the other threads I have commented on as of late. With this being a short ester cycle you know you should start PCT just a few days after you stop pinning, right?

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I had been using Finastride in the past.You get your hair back but it shuts you down so bad and makes your testees shrink.when you stop taking it you lose your gained hair just end up with ED and a ruined mood.

Any medicine personal here to explain if Finestride is a steroid?

But I am not technically a medicine person.

So, I’m trackkng on this concept. I’m honestly not gonna push my bench past 135 at this time (I’ve worked up to 95# for a 6x10 for reference). I’m going to be doing PT as if I weren’t on a cycle, with the provision that I’ll ramp things up as I start to feel ready to go, but only with permission from my PT.

Good to know about the calcium tho. I crush milk and red meat daily, but I’m consideirng switching to almond milk as I’ve seen a few people comment on its merits over dairy milk. Any thoughts?

At first it was an availability issue, then as I did my research I realized a short ester is preferable for a first cycle for a few reasons:

  1. I’m concerned about hair loss/other sides so I can easily monitor that on test prop and cycle off quicker should I develop sides. Like I said, it’s my first cycle and I don’t anticipate anything serious yet I’m proceeding with caution until I’m more educated with anabolics.

  2. pinning everyday doesn’t bother me. It gives me a routine and more control over the cycle. Plus I can start PCT right away (like you mentioned).

Thanks for the feedback…glad to hear I haven’t fucked anything up yet!

Milk allergy checking in. I use almond milk occasionally, but the “almond” part is a bit of a scam. Every half gallon has about two handfuls of almonds in it. The rest is just water and additives for flavor or texture/consistency. So if dairy milk works for you then just drink that. Maybe add some high fat Greek yogurt into your diet. Good source of protein and calcium, plus some nice fats.