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First Cycle Test-P Advice? I'm a Noob

I wanted to try and run a 8 week cycle.(test p only)
Plan is to do 100mg of Test Propionate EOD.
Would this be to much. My body weight is inbetween 155-160 height is 5’9" age 24 (if this matters to anyone)
I was going to run Test P by its self 1 month then add in Armadex if Gyno side effects start to happen. Clomid was for my pct.i plan to add HGH…human growth last 2 weeks of cycle and a other 2 weeks after. Start clomid 14 daynafter last pin.
This was my plan. I am a noob.

The guy i got gear from told me i could use clomid during my cycle and Armadex for PCT. So im a little confused.

Also was wondering how inportant is HCG?
All i heard it will help keep your gains.But i was going to add HGH for help to keep gains.

Its my understanding that you can make the muscle bigger with gear and fill it up with new muscle cells using the HGH. New muscle cells to support new muscle?

Anyways im really after advice and tips. Were and how to inject. Also i heard to stay away from sodium?
Any help is appreciated.

You have about a year of homework to do, and another twenty pounds to gain, before considering doing a cycle - just being honest.

Avoid the advice of the guy you got the gear from, and try to get your money back.

Read the sticky notes in this forum about planning a first cycle. It’s the summary of knowledge of a lot of guys here that have done gear for a long time, and it’s very good. You will find out that the cycle you propose is relatively light in terms of Test, and that would be fine. You should absolutely take your AI (Adex) from the beginning and not wait. You should probably use HCG for the whole cycle if you want to protect your fertility.

But, at your height and weight, you probably have not maxed your natty gains, or you haven’t learned how to train and eat to maximize your gains, or both.

So, keep reading is my advice.

Oh, and ignore your dealer.


Look im not a child. Ive worked labour intensive job since 19(im a iron worker. Rebar). I also am able to work out 2 hours after work. 3 days on 1 day off my routine. Still 5 days of Rebar 8Hrs A day.
Went from 130ish to around 155-160…point is i was always small but have gotten bigger. Im Solid.
I also eat 3-4meals a day. Now i Personally think im ready to do a cycle… Im completey fine with the known risks.
Im wanting to know if my original Plan/drugs were ok to go about things…?
Theres little bit of confusion reading on other forums/youtube.
People say you need/no need a Ai. Or only take it if gyno symptoms appear. Or run through entire cycle.
Also people think HCG will help you keep your gains.(i dont care about fertility) I want to use Human growth Hormon to keep the gains.

I gave you my advice. The reason no one else has responded is because this always happens. There’s a first cycle post, somebody weighs in with good advice, and the OP wants to argue with that advice.

So, do whatever you want, what do I care?

But, do yourself a favor. Don’t rush into it, and then come back here in a month and ask how to get rid of gyno, or how to get your dick hard because your E2 is fucked up, or why you lost all your gains. Your choice. Pretty simple, just read the sticky.

I understand that the op will argue and it happens lots. I wasnt trying to be rude/disrespectfull(Asking questions is a arguement?) But you can go f$@k your self. Your “good advice” is gain 20 more pounds learn to eat and train, your speaking to me like im a complete dumbass. Offer no actual input to my question other then…“read a sticky” .
You sound like a troll telling me to come back after i have gyno lmao bro. Do you even lift or you just a troll?
Geuss i could ask a other forum comunity about my “DRUG PlAN”

Lol, you’re such a fucking tard.

Bit of advice. Realize you are not the smartest fucker in the room. In this case, you’re the dumbest.

Bowing up makes you look like an asshole. I was actually pretty cool in my first post. But, since you want to go all dick on me, let me show you how.

What the fuck is an op? And, what do you mean by “lots?” Are we going to draw lots to see who sucks my cock, because, I don’t want to play that game. You may have a pretty mouth, but that’s not how I roll.

So, use a space before referencing shit parenthetically.

Use spell check. If you want to have an arguement, go somewhere else. In the rest of the English speaking world, it’s spelled without an “e”.

Yes, that is one part of my good advice. You’re a short skinny fuck that wants to juice to take a shortcut. Check out @Reed, he’s 5’6" and 220, or more. At 198 he’s fucking ripped. You should be so lucky.

And, learn to use an apostrophe. I mean, really, you’re 24 fucking years old. Where’d you go to school? Don’t they teach you that shit in like third grade. And, since you cannot use an apostrophe, you are a dumb ass. I wasn’t speaking to you like a dumb ass, but I am now, because you are a dumb ass.

Again with the fucking apostrophe - once is a mistake, twice is just fucking stupid.

Is “Plan” a proper noun? Why did you capitalize that? Is it so important? Maybe it’s your deity and deserves capitalization? Explain please.

I told you that your original drugs were fine, but your plan sucked, and, I told you how to figure out how to fix it (read the sticky). So I answered your question. But you want to question my advice. But you asked for advice. Why do you then question the advice you were given?

Because you’re a fucknut, that’s why. Did any of your parents other kids survive abortion, or just you?

Yes. Do you know what an AI does? If you did, you would know how stupid your dealer is. If you read the sticky, you would know how stupid your dealer is. If you read the sticky, you would know how stupid you are. But, if you read the sticky, and understand it (a bit of a reach based on the evidence of your intelligence) then you wouldn’t be so stupid now, would you?

Yes, there is confusion. There is confusion because those fucks don’t know the difference between an AI and a SERM. On the cycle you propose, you could probably get away without an AI…probably. But, If you read the sticky, you would know that.

Why would you include this? It means nothing. Congratulations. You can feed yourself.

This is ridiculous. It helps you keep your balls. If you’re worried about keeping your gains, well, give that shit up. If you cycle as a skinny fuck, you will probably gain ten pounds of water that you will lose in pct. If you know what the fuck you are doing, you will still lose your gains unless you stay on it, bridge or pct. But, if you know how to train and eat, you will keep more of your gains. But you, at 160, do not know how to train or eat, 160 pounds, get the fuck out.

So, son, shut the fuck up, go to the gym, eat like a beast, and when you are 200 pounds, then, maybe, think about juicing.

Bwahahahaha. Check the mirror sis.

If you do, try spelling “Geuss” correctly, capitalizing the personal pronoun, and maintaining all caps when you are yelling about your “DRUG PIAN.” What the fuck is a drug pian?

Look through some of the other first cycle threads on here. You’ll see I was pretty gentle with you…until you went stoopid on me. If you actually try to edumacate yourself, you’ll find most people here pretty helpful.

I’ve looked at other websites/forums, and they are far behind this one. Personally, I learned through experience, and no longer cycle because it was a waste of money because I can’t eat enough to make it worthwhile to pay for gear. But, if you want to [quote=“applejuice778, post:5, topic:222525”]
Geuss i could ask a other forum comunity about my “DRUG PlAN”

well, feel free. Just realize you are risking a lot if you do not do it correctly, and, I’m telling you, the boys here know how to do it correctly, and all of their advice IS IN THE FUCKING STICKY.

The other cool thing about this forum is that you don’t have to use symbols to represent what you really want to say.

So, you can go fuck yourself you dumb cunt mother fucker, son of a whore, anal afterbirth, cum guzzling gutter slut.

Now, according to @yogi, I’m supposed to append a winky face, but, I’m not sure how to do that, so I guess I’m the dumb fuck.

You’re just lucky I was really bored tonight and had time to edumacate you.

You’re welcome.

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Not what you want to hear but every word he said is true. Do what you want and curse us all you want but, you do not need gear at this point. No reason you cant grow into the 180s with out it.



Themyth was right in every word but because I am a noob to the forum I consider this paying my dues…

Your dealer is a moron. Arimidex is an on cycle AI that should be discontinued before PCT. You got all that right but HCG should be used whole cycle.

Your dose is about perfect for a first time cycle. I think it would be better to run it longer.

Another great indicator for whether you are juice ready? How much you Squat, Bench, and Deadlift?