First Cycle: Test Only

26 y/o
10 years lifting experience


Split dosage Half E/Half C

13 Week Cycle:
Week 1: 1cc
Week 2: 1.25cc
Week 3: 1.5cc
Week 4: 1.75cc
Week 5: 2cc
Week 6: 2cc
Week 7: 2cc
Week 8: 2cc
Week 9: 1.75cc
Week 10: 1.5cc
Week 11: 1.25cc
Week 12: 1cc
Week 13: .5cc

Currently on week 7 (600mg total 350 from 1cc E+ 250 from 1cc C)
I feel great, energy’s somewhat low I feel the need to sleep my ass off more than usual at the end of the day. Putting on some solid size +7lbs down 3.5% BF

My question/concern is PCT. The OG (65 y/o trained some world class bodybuilders and still does) said for me not to worry about PCT/Sides at this dose and being that it’s my first cycle. Regardless, I want to be on the safe side. Let me know what I need to take on the tail end of my cycle or after to counter any potential sides! Thanks in advance guys, I appreciate any and all advice!!

Nothing like week 7 for trying to round up your PCT drugs.

You should have made this post before starting. Everyone probably would have told you to wait due to age (#harmreductionboard) but Atleast you’d have gotten some good info on how to run a cycle and how to PCT.

Please go get lab work and post them so @tareload can sleep better tonight.


Why are you pyramiding?

Also, you’d be better off following standard beginner cycle at 500mg/wk for 12 weeks.

For your reading/education:


Haha. Why would I lose sleep when guys can come on here and leverage safe and effective methods of using AAS and managing PCT?

Where have you been? Pay attention. You can read more here.

Don’t worry about me. I’ll be just fine. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :gift_heart:

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Thanks for the references!! Following up on those now. The reason for the pyramid was due to me trusting the guy who introduced me to the stuff. Old guy still in great health, as we’re his buddies, so I trusted his advice.

Would you suggest finishing this cycle then starting with HCG followed by Nolva?

Thanks for the reply. Definitely should have had more forethought involved for my PCT. I’ll be getting blood work done by the end of the week. Preparing for the end of the cycle, is there anything I definitely need to get? Some say Clomid, some novadex. What would you suggest and at what dose?

I’m not sure, I said sleep better. Maybe that’s deeper, more restful sleep compared to normal. Who knows.


Thanks for caring so much. I appreciate it.

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@tareload @wanna_be I can get my hands on Nolva. Could I run that alone as my pct? If so, at what does? If not, what else do I need?

No idea dude. I don’t PCT. I hope next time you’re FAR more read up and know what you’re doing.

You’re playing with fire and you’ve got a squirt gun


You’re on constantly? Or you just don’t use pct when you run something?

My very complex “PCT” / recent experience. Shut down 4 years on injectable T.

Almost back to baseline after 12 weeks off T and 8 weeks off hCG. Time is your friend but may be a rough couple months.

I hope you recover. Do you have baseline blood work prior to AAS use?

I would start the hCG and run for at least 4 weeks after you have washed out the exogenous T.

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I’m on TRT. I just go back to my normal dose

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Why both?

Yikes. And this guy is training others using AAS?

At least for ball size, mine come back quick. I would think after stopping test, running hcg at like 500 iu EOD while the test clears would be enough.

I’d just run nolva at the standard PCT doses after the hcg. Maybe 20 mg for six weeks or 40,40,20,20.

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Thanks! Yes, I have blood work from six months ago prior to this cycle. So you’d suggest running the HCG starting now and continuing for four weeks after last injection?

You could start week 12 or 13 and continue for 4 weeks while exogenous T washes out. Get blood work week 25 and see where your LH/TT is.


I agree on running HCG for a good bit, but 4 week washout seems excessive. Did you catch his week 13? He’s running 150 mg that week. 300 the week prior.

It’s good to be on the HCG for a bit with no test in the system. I’m just not sure if I’d go that long.


There are lots of flavors out there including Defy’s various protocols and how they have evolved…AI, clomid, enclomiphene, etc…

RE: hCG…To your point, if you look at one of their later versions with the kitchen sink…

  • Discontinue testosterone
  • Start 300 IU hCG daily for 2 weeks
  • Stop hCG, start 25 mg enclomiphene daily for 6 weeks
  • 0.125 mg anastrozole three times per week during both hCG and enclomiphene
  • Stop everything, followup labs with CBC, TT, FT E2, LH, SHBG, PRL

I wanted to see if i could recover without the serm/AI. Seemed to recover reasonably well even after years of shutdown. Nothing special about the 4 weeks unless you are quitting high dose test. To @mnben87 's point you are pyramiding down and back down to 150 mg/week by week 13.

HCG helps the first few weeks and hope the next 6 to 8 are not as castrate feeling as mine were. Give it time.

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