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First Cycle: Test Only or Stack?

I have been on TRT for a couple months and the doctor is only prescribing me low amounts…250mg of Test-E every 3-4 weeks…

At 36 years of age, and lifting weights for 5-6 years naturally, I want to try a cycle for the first time.

Should I go with simply Testosterone(250mg/week) and an AI like Arimidex, or stack it with these other compounds I can get from a local underground lab?

I have heard of things like Deca, Tren, Anavar, Dbol, etc…

What is a recommended beginner cycle?

Thanks for any info~

Research beforehand… you aren’t aware of the risks involved regarding you’re decision

Get on a better trt protocol

Don’t cycle

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Well stated. Please do some reading in the TRT section. You will do better for yourself with adjustment to your TRT regimen. Once dialed in for six months to a year then reconsider. Once dialed in on TRT and good first cycle would be a higher dose of test stacked with an oral such as Anavar or Dbol IMO.

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I did test and EQ my first cycle not really any side effects only needed AI a couple of times throughout the cycle gained 10 lbs and lost some BF.