First Cycle, Test E

Hello All.

Im 25 years old, ive been lifting for already 7 years, however my first 3-4 years i didnt really know how train/eat so i just followed a bro split and jojo dieting so i didnt really make much gains, so after around 3 years of mediocre lifting and eating like crap i ended up looking like this:

i think that was my worst shape ever, fat, barely any muscle, no strenght for my weight.

I would say i have below average genetics in terms of adding mass (your infamous ectomorph)

After i hit that point, i decided that was time to change and i started a crash cut with really low calories, a lot of cardio and weights, however, since my calories were so low, i ended up losing the muscle i had along with the fat, so i ended up like this:

After that i started running strenght focused routines and eating somewhat correctly, a few bulking and cutting cycles and this is my current physique:
This is probably my most flattering photo and the leanest ive been (8-9%):

And this is how i look in a sleevless shirt with semi good light:

current stats:
5’9’’ in the verge of 5’10’’
148lbs morning weight
around 10% bodyfat (will get caliper tested on wenesday)

Paused flat bench: 195lbs x 2
OHP: 145 lbs x2
Trap Bar dead: 255lbs x 5
Squat: 210 x 3

my lower body strenght is subpar, im aware, i got a herniated disc a while back deadlifting with shitty form so i had to stop training legs for a while.

My cycle plan is:
500mg test E x 12 weeks
Arimidex 1mg one day yes, one day no, after the 2nd week.

Ive been reading it is good to wait for high estrogen symptoms before taking the AI, so i might do that.

Calorie plan:
2500 cals lifting days (with 20 mins of cardio)
2000 cals non lifting days (with 20 mins of cardio)
1700 cals on total rest days (no cardio, no weights).

Suggestions and opinions are welcome :slight_smile:

Nice transformation.


Your lifts and stats are no where near good enough to consider running a cycle in my opinion.

Cycle plan is normal, minus the 1mg AI E2D (lol)

What was your end goal of this cycle? The calorie plan is all over the place.


This is a really bad idea. Also, I think you should wait for more development before steroids.

Can you elaborate on why its a bad idea?

Goal is to gain around 10lbs of muscle with minimal fat gain.
Calories in total will be around 300 cals over maintainace weekly. (including the cardio i do already)

whereas i do agree with you guys that i could probably gain some more muscle natty with more years of training, my bone structure is small and my natty test levels are below average for my age, adding that im way past my newbie gains i would say it would take me around 3-4 years to achieve what im expecting to achieve with this cycle.

No gear dude…you’re only 25.

Secondly…you need more cals if you’re gonna grow.

Find a program like 531 and stick to it. You desperately need to get stronger if you’re gonna get bigger.

Growth takes time. Put in the work. Be consistent.

If you wanna take gear I’d highly suggest getting a full blood panel done before taking anything.

Know what you’re getting into. Gear is not a walk in the park. It is serious stuff! Your hormones are nothing to play around with.

IMO…unless you plan on staying on, just don’t do them.

i already ran 531 for a few months and made some decent strenght gains.
I got blood work a week ago and everything was in check, HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, etc was pretty much on point if not excellent.

I also got free T tested and it was not good, thats one of the reasons i decided to do my first cycle.

Sweet tank top!

Because that works out to 3.5 mg of adex a week (which is a lot, in the ball park of what women with breast cancer take to completely kill all estrogen). You will likely crash your e2. Doing so, you will likely feel depressed, be unable to get an erection, etc.

I was prescribed 0.25 mg of adex a week for TRT, and had to stop taking it due to it lowering e2 too much.

Can you post your labs?

If you run a cycle, you run the risk of not returning to your previous levels anyways. If you are already low this might make you really low.

Well it is your life…

So if it were me I’d start the lowest dose I could and get the most out of it. I know some scream 500 as a first cycle, but I wouldn’t jump in that boat so quickly.

IMO, you’d be better off running 300 for a longer cycle of 6 months. Everyone is so quick to smash a nut with a sledge hammer.

You would run a longer pct but who cares? You’ll keep those gains better in the long run. Longer cycles work better than short ones unless you wanna run short ester cycled every 6 wks but thats more for the vets than newbies.

But again I think you should only run gear if you plan on staying on.

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got it, makes sense.

yeah, i did take that in mind and my plan is doing a pct after the cycle and if fuck my natty levels then i will just stay on TRT doses since anyway i already have low T for my age.

my free T levels were 8.9pg/ML

I would probably attribute this to being a late bloomer.

i understand your concern and i appreciate it, seriously.

I also tought about that 500mg being too high so ill probably adjust my cycle to 250mg/w

In which case i would probably not need Arimidex.

I’d spend some time fixing whatever the issue is that prevents you from dead lifting pain free. Or if that’s genuinely not possible for some reason then finding alternative movements you can perform pain free. You need to have some form of heavy compound movements at your disposal otherwise you cant hope to make much progress on cycle. The foundations need to be in place. Also if you have low t I’d get to the bottom of what is causing that, you may be a candidate for trt

i do deadlift and squat, i do all compound movements during the week.
Weighted Pullups/Chinups, trap bar deads, squats, bench and OHP.
Excuse me if i didnt explain myself correctly on the original post, i currently DO dealift and squat pain free, however i did have to spend 2 years neglecting lower body heavy training more to be cautious than because of having pain.
My herniated disc is currently under control in terms of pain or discomfort, im able to deadlift and squat pain free.
I did take my trap bar dead from 185 to 265 in around 2 years (for reps), however i think i did miss most of my lower body newbie gains.

In that case I think there should be a decent amount of natty strength gains left in the tank there if your training is decent. I’d wait a while and try and get those numbers up naturally first with a little more focus on strength.

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i forgot to reply to you TRT suggestion.
My T seems to be low for my age but not low enough for any doc to consider giving me TRT, in my opinion of course.
I would need to go doc to doc to find someone that is willing to prescribe trt.

I would say go for it or start with SARMS. at 500 mg a week you would definetly gain weight and mass but alot of it would be water weight i dont think you need years of training to go on a cycle especially if your life is body building but you need to be serious about the gains if your not gunna put in your all dont go for it. And only use your AI if your experiencing sides either then that u dont need it at all but you must be aware of the sides. Stack your test e with Anavar you will get plenty gainz. But remember the PCT will make you regret doing the cycle in the first place. But everyones bodys are different , genetics and so on. If your really thinking about it get all your gear for your cycle plan at date on your calender, and do a couple months of serious research before hand! Goodluck

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