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First Cycle Test E?



I have been exercising on of for about a few years,did try twice a cycles on Winstrol 50mg 10 weeks oral.All ok except for some joint pain after 8 weeks.

My aim is to increase strength,focus and decease body fat to 8% and be lean.
Currently cutting out all carbs and sugars and training 3 days gym work/3 days Cardio.


91 KG
B-Fat 20
Age - 39

Should I consider test e cycle?
Sorry to be ignorant,I have read massive amount on AAS but are still clueless.Just to many variants to choose from.


Cutting out all carbs will get you nowhere fast. I think you need to fix your diet.


and why would cutting out carbs get him no where fast?


He said cutting out all carbs.


yeah, i know how to read, im asking why you said cutting out carbs will get him no where fast


When I see people remove all carbs their energy levels plummet and their workouts suffer badly. Seems conventional wisdom is some carbs around workouts are good.


honestly that's what i figured too, but as of yesterday i was told to carb cycle every 3 days, 3rd day being no carbs. I asked if i should only have no carbs on off days but he said it didnt matter. I thought it was kinda weird but it's shelby starnes so i assume he knows what he's talking about. I guess carb cycling is a bit different than totally removing them.


If your still clueless then you shouldn't do a cycle, also read the stickies here.


A lot of people start indeed with test-e. Testosterone is a very basic hormone for us, because we produce it ourselves.

You say that you've read a lot about AAS, could you make up your planned test-only cycle then?

How were your results from your winny only cycle?


Enough said.

Get training and diet in order first


Per the carb discussion. there is no timing for it. It is training/goal dependent. The most widely used is Heavy carbs on your 2 biggest or most important lifts a week. Example:

1:Squat day - High carbs
2:Chest - Moderate carbs
3:Rest - no carbs
4:Shoulders: Moderate carbs
5:Deads/Back: High carbs
6:Rest: No carbs
7:Rest: No carbs

This is the most efficient way to measure. For an idea, a male at 12% BF at 225lbs should consume 1.5-2g protein per lb of BW, and roughly 400g of carbs on high days, 250-300 on moderate days. If you are doing cardio on rest days, consider consuming 40-50g of simple carbs. I always maintain adequate vegetable and fruit intake because my blood sugar goes to shit quick since I use GH.

Cutting carbs on gear is stupid IMO. You have a higher ability burn fat and expend those calories and build. So cut carbs when you aren't using AAS, but this is just my opinion.

Right now I eat carbs only in the morning/early afternoon and preWO.