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First Cycle - Test E


Looking for some critique on my first cycle before I place my order.
Age: 26
Height: 5'10
Weight: ~190
Training: 2-3 years serious

W 1-10 Test E - 300mg E3D(600mg/w)
W 1-11 Adex 1mg 2x/w (scale down if I experience loss of libido)
W 12 Adex 1 cap at 1mg mid week

W 13-14 Nolva 25mg 2x/d
W 15-16 Nolva 25mg/d

Few questions I have been unable to learn through research.

  1. The Adex dosing is clearly not ideal but will it suffice? The 1mg tabs are my only option.
  2. Do I throw away the syringe(syringe and needle separate) after 1 use or can these be reused at all?
  3. Considering to throw in a secondary. Looking at these options specifically; repped to be very good anavar, dbol, or deca. Any recommendations of these 3? I'm leaning toward dbol for the simple fact that it is cheaper than the anavar and my focus right now is size/strength.

I will not be starting this cycle for another 1-2 months. I'm simply looking for some input specific to my goals. If I missed anything I will get it up promptly. Any input is appreciated.


  1. Can you split the caps and separate the doses.
  2. Do not reuse anything that goes into your body dramatically ups your chance of infection.
  3. I prefer Dbol over Anavar any way. Only thing better is Drol in my opinion.


  1. I was told they're difficult to split and recommended those doses.
  2. Understood
  3. Dbol sounds solid to me. Week 1-4 at 25mg/d(25mg tabs so these cannot be broken down) preworkout or before bed; depending if I experience back pump.

In what ways would you recommend changing diet/workout when on cycle? I've read 500-750 cals above normal and yet to find any information on how/or if to change workout progression/setup. I appreciate the help Reed.


Alright so been doing more research and also had the chance to change out some of my gear for more favorable dosing/products. New proposed cycle below:

Frontload first injection of test E at somewhere around 820 mg(used Bill Robert's formula) most likely do 750mg for simplicity.
W 1-12 500 mg/W test E( 250 mgx2)
W 10-13 Dbol 30 mg/D
W 1-13 Aromasin 10 mg/D
W 14 Aromasin 10 mg/EOD
W 15-18 Nolva 50/50/25/25

1. Is it necessary to taper down AI before pct?
2. I've read that frontloading test-E is useless and also that it is good idea. So which is it?

I know Mr.Walkaway likes dbol late cycle and he knows his shit; so does it look good like this?


I know walkway likes late dbol, but mentally on your first cycle you will notice it in the beginning while test, even with frontloading, takes a while to notice. It is a mental boost to have it come on early. You can even do four on, four off, and four on if you want to hit it hard. Make sure you up your AI when you frontload, a mistake I made the first time. No gyno, but some itchy nips and probably inhibited gains.

Keep your AI constant until the test is really low, 2-3 weeks after last injection, then taper.

I have and havent frontloaded and frankly couldnt TELL a difference but maybe it did. I am neutral to recommending either way. The math makes sense.


I wouldn't frontload.. for the same reason I wouldn't use orals at the beginning. you want to increase your dosages as your cycle progresses, not at the beginning. go from low to high, not high to low..etc.

aromasin's half life is 12 hours, which means after 12 hours, estrogen is rising again, it is for this reason that many like to dose it twice a day. be sure to take it with food, as fat increases it's bioavailability


Ok that makes sense. Lets try this again.

W 1-12 500 mg/W test E( 250 mgx2)
W 10-13 Dbol 30 mg/D
W 1-13 Aromasin 10 mg/D(5 mgx2)
W 14 Aromasin 10 mg/EOD
W 15-18 Nolva 50/50/25/25

Nice and simple.

So going along the lines of low to high what is your opinion on pyramiding cycles? I do not think I can link where I read about this but here is the source's take on it with an example. Just interested in learning and understanding this better.

"The human body is always fighting for homeostasis so the concept is to increase dose before gains plateau. Based on the 2009 myostatin study we can design a cycle that is effective for 10 weeks using this strategy. The following first cycle is for men that want a little more performance with added risk while only using Testosterone. The first 5 weeks a standard dose is administered to evaluate how your body responds and to determine if sides are manageable. If sides are manageable then increase the dose.

Week 1-5 600mg Testosterone weekly
Week 6-8 800mg Testosterone weekly
Week 9-10 1 gram Testosterone weekly

10-25 mg Aromasin daily with the goal of keeping Estradiol between 10pg/ml-30pg/ml. Only blood work can confirm if you are in this range.
500iu HCG twice weekly. "


looks good. pyramiding cycles is a good strategy.. more like stairs tho, you only want the dose to go up during a blast