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First Cycle: Test E


Hi guys

I have been training for about 7 years, and serious weightlifting for the past 5 years.
When i started i weighed 55kgs. Over the last 3 years i managed to put on 20kg's staying natural
but with proper dieting and supplementation.I have reached a plateau for the last year and am
looking to try a cycle. I am going very simple on the cycle and would like advise on not only the cycle but my training
as i would like to make the best out of it. My overall goal is here to bulk as much as possible on to my frame. I previously
did an anavar only cycle, had respectable outcomes but nothing major.

Test E cycle only.
twice a week 1-12 weeks
PCT HCG and Nov - 3-4 weeks. Noveldex 40/40/20/20mg and HCG - 6 tabs per day for 3 weeks
(i have been advised to add in proviron to decrease water retention. I was also advised to use either Dbol or Primobolan for bulking on this cycle)

Age: 26
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 75kg
BF%: 10%
Years of Serious Training: 5
Suggested Diet (C/P/F) for Cycle:
Protein: 346g
Sodium: 4247mg

Workout plan is based on a 3month cycle:
Every week go up 5kgs, reduce reps.
Week 1=12-15reps,week2=9-11 reps,week 3=6-8reps,week 4=3-5reps.
Each exercise 1 warm up set and 4 working sets. Last set either drop set or rest pause (alternates every week)
when the second month starts, go back to weight used in week 1+5kgs.
Monday: Workout 1: Chest and triceps
Tuesday: Workout 2: Back and biceps
Wednesday: Active Rest
Thursday: Workout 3: Shoulders
Friday: Workout 4: Legs
Saturday: Active Rest
Sunday: Active Rest

Please comment, criticize and suggest.


You weigh 165 at 5'11" (I think I converted that correctly...) If that's the case, no offense but try eating and hard work first, your quite small. To give some perspective I was 200lbs 10% at 6'1" for my first cycle, and have zero help from genetics...


I get what you are saying but i have been training and eating right for the past few years. I have far surpassed my natural genetics IMO. My pops weighs 55kg and thats how much i weighed when i started. I have subsequently gained 20kg's (44lbs) in 3 years or actually just less. It doesn't feel like i can go farther without starting a cycle.


Don't use HCG with your pct. Use it starting you're 4th week. You can kick start with dbol 40mg ED week 1-4. Dont rely on a compound to bulk you up because you won't keep it. it's your diet that will help you bulk my friend. And you didn't list how much test e you're taking..so it'd be nice if you posted it.

But Dlnomachino is right, you're at my level im weighing 168lbs empty stomach and standing at 5'11 at night and im waiting till im 205lbs, 23yo. because getting as natty as possible and being educated enough to play it safe is the best thing you can do.


I get where your coming from, but some people don't realize just how much they have to eat. Everyone I've ever known who claims to be a 'hardgainer' (no such thing) was not eating nearly as much as they thought when they actually diligently recorded their intake. Also 4k calories during the cycle seems like overkill, at your size TDEE is prob like 2500, you WILL get fat and then lose muscle when you try to get lean again (assuming you have some interest in bodybuilding or aesthetics). What's your current diet and training routine?


7 years of trainig and you are 75 kg ? Something is wrong(nutrition or training,maybe both). Try fixing that and than you can talk about steroids.