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First Cycle. Test E


Hello! I would like to propose this for a 10week cycle.

Age:24year old male
Weight:175 @ 8% BF

I've been training regularly for the past 7years minus sometime away from the gym when I was deployed overseas or in the field.

I'm looking to gain some mass, and trust me I've tried. My diet is in order, and I feel I'm ready to fire it up!

Looking at running:
Week 1-10:Test E x 500mg a week
*I was thinking about tri-tren but I bet its best to just use at a later cycle)

Depending if I need arimidex, I have it and will take 1mg pill when need be.
HCG: I was told by the guy who i'm getting the stuff from to take the HCG 1 week after your last shot of test, but i've been lots about it and it would make more sense to take it starting @week 4 and run it to week 10 250ui 3xweek?

PCT: Starting 1 week after stopping.
Weeks 1-2 Nolva @ 40mg/ED
Weeks 2-4 Nolva @ 20mg/ED

Vit b-6
Hawthorne Berry
Fish Oils
Saw Palmetto
Whey Protien
Casien Protien


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mikemoney - when you say your diet is in order...what is your set up while on the test...as far as Macro Breakdown and how many calories above maintenance....


I'm going to do something very similar to you for my first cycle soon
Shouldn't you wait at least 2 weeks b4 u start your PCT? Since it takes 2 weeks for ur system to clear out?
Also don't you think your dose on Adex is a little too high?

I'm not tryna give you advice or question your cycle btw I'm a newbie myself just aiming to discuss and learn something


Hey AM, heres my updated cycle. Tweaked it.

Weeks 1-12: Test E @ 500mg per week.
Weeks 3-15: .25 Adex E3D (I split my 1mg into 4)
The day after my last pin of test I will, take HCG @ 1000iu ed for 10days... After I stop HCG I will begin my nolvadex. If my balls get hit hard I might run it during the cycle at 250iu e3d

Weeks 14-16: Nolva 40mg ED
Weeks 16-18: Nolva 20mg ED

Any comments or concerns from anyone about this now?


I would personally take the hCG on cycle week 4-12 the way u said earlier since the conventional method doesn't seem to have a lot of fans around here ... it could desensitize ur testes and make the situation worse. Again I don't have any experience with that yet. And as bushi said above at 500mg/W test you might not even need hCG at all.
Are u gonna frontload the test?


I'd frontload the test and run it for 8 weeks instead of longer. It's a first cycle.....and you'll likely have all the gains you were hoping for in that time frame...no need to suppress yourself longer. Get on, get your gains, get off, recover and recover easily. Adex throughout for sure, and if you choose to use HCG, then 250IU E3D would be fine throughout the cycle. It's better to keep the boys primed throughout, instead racing to make up ground over a one week period right before PCT.


I would thank you all for you response and help I decide I'm going to..

Week 1:Test Prop @ 100mg EOD
Week 2:Test Prop @ 75mg EOD
Week 3:Test Prop @ 50mg EOD
Week 4:Test Prop @ 25mg EOD
Weeks 1-10: Test E @ 500mg/week
Weeks 3-10: HCG @ 500iu/week (have on hand, if I decide to run it)
Weeks 3-10: Adex at .25 E3D's may go EOD at .25mg (Tapering down the dose into the PCT)

Weeks 12-14: Nolvadex @ 40mg ED
Weeks 14-16: Nolvadex @ 20mg ED

Any last comments or concerns?