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First Cycle - Test E


Hey guys, so ive got my first cycle on order, doing 500mg Test E (Dragon Pharma) per week for 12 weeks or 10 weeks depending on gains. Ive been reading up on PCT and so many different forums tell me different things. So so far I have

week 1-12 - 500mg Test E 250mg x 2 a week
week 1-12 - Aromasin 0.25 EOD
Week 5-12 - HCG 500IU per week
week 12-14 - HCG 1000IU per week

Have Tamoxifen incase of any strong gyno problems on cycle
Finastride incase of severe hair loss, but im running a hair loss prevention stack with natural ingredients. Saw palmettoo, emu oil, nizoril shampoo, minoxidil. Vitamin E,B5,C

For PCT I have been swayed in the direction of

Clomid 100/50/50/50
Aromasin 25/25/25/25

Any comments of suggestions? cheers


I'd use Nolva 40/40/20/20 only for PCT.

And I think you can just use HCG at 500iu/wk the whole way up to the start of PCT, no need to up the dose.


See again, too many differing opinions :D. Ive been told nolva is outdated as a PCT med and Clomid is the way to go. Hmmm. I will bare in mind, await more opinions cheers, will take advise on HCG though.


I believe tormifene is considered the best way to go for pct, though I have personally never used it.

I however, have used both nolva and clomid for pct, and definitely prefer nolva.

If you don't trust our opinions, use clomid for pct and you will see why we suggest nolva lol.


Would never say I dont trust you guys, I mean, you know more than I do, just like to see what others opinions are :slight_smile:


Hair loss prevention? ..for a first cycle this is to be considered?

Side effects of finasteride include impotence (1.1% to 18.5%), abnormal ejaculation (7.2%), decreased ejaculatory volume (0.9% to 2.8%), abnormal sexual function (2.5%), gynecomastia (2.2%), erectile dysfunction (1.3%), ejaculation disorder (1.2%) and testicular pain. According to the product package insert, resolution occurred in men who discontinued therapy with finasteride due to these side effects and in most men who continued therapy. In December 2010, Merck added depression as a side effect of finasteride.[6]

seems like these sides plus the possible sides from the AAS could be a bit much i dunno im on the same cycle your proposing right now besides no HCG , an i have winny in the mix an i use Nolva for PCT ,with clomid on stand by an Adex .25 eod an i dont know if i notice hairloss... although i do notice alot of hair growing on my back an arms lol good luck


Nolva is outdated? I've never read that anywhere. If anything, I think the addition of Clomid is what is considered outdated. Tamoxifen citrate "reportedly" has fewer side effects and is 2.5 times as potent as clomiphene citrate (mg to mg). Its good you're asking the questions those; obviously we all still see a lot of people using Clomid so I'd like to hear why.