First Cycle Test E

I’m 41 93kg at 6ft tall. I have some Test Enanthate coming which I am looking to run at either:
w1-10 500mg + winny w 1-4 50mg ed
w1-12 400mg + winny w 1-4 50md ed
Winny is to get me going straight away until T kicks in.

PCT will be Nolva 40/20/20/20.

Do I need Arimidex for this? Haven’t done a cycle before so don’t kow what I am susceptable to re: gyno etc, but fairly low dose of T so shouldn’t be too much of a problem? Do I need HCG?

First option

Yes buy arimidex.

HCG is a good idea

No need for an oral in a first cycle. Front load the Test

Ok will go with option 1. Will front loading give me the kick start? I have the winny on hand but have never taken it so thought I would use that. Is HCG essential or just desirable? Sorry for noob questions but there is so much conflicting advice from people, some say hcg is essential and others say don’t worry about it.