First Cycle Test E, When to Use PCT

I’m using 500mg Test E per week, for 10 weeks.

I have HCG and Clomid ready, however, ive heared mixed opinions on using PCT or AI during and or post cycle.

Any advice would be great.

Read the stickies on this forum. You are doing it wrong. I would hurry if I were you. You could be growing breast tissue as we speak.

Not sure who is giving you advice not to control your estrogen or bring your natural testosterone production back after cycle, but they are not your friend.

You could use common sense too, although it is unlikely and rare among AAS users based on the regularity of these absurd posts. Ask your self these questions.

  1. Do you want to grow breasts?
  2. Do you want suboptimal performance from your cycles?
  3. Do you value being able to return to your natural testosterone production and not feel like shit?