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First Cycle Test E/Tren E/ Deca

gonna be starting my first cycle next week and i was looking to get some input

21 years old
5’ 11"
185 pounds 12%bf

week 1-2 250 mg test/150 mg deca/100mg tren
week 3-15 375 mg test/ 225 mg deca/ 150mg tren
week 1-15 AI EOD

standard tamoxifen/clom PCT gonna try and get my hands on HCG if i can

my buddy did this same cycle with incredible results and little to no sides/ long term effects

looking to get up to 215 or so if i can

Good for you!

Perfect first cycle I recon!

why are you going for tren-e oppose to tren-a? plus you might want to take some caber or hcg mid cycle if you are running two 19nor compounds.

why is he intending to run tren and deca in a first cycle let alone the ester looooool