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First Cycle Test E/Tren Ace - Sides

So I am a little over 3 weeks into my first cycle. I know that the cycle I’m on is not recommended for a first cycle so let’s just move on from that and get to the point. I don’t have many sides, some night sweats, minimal insomnia, shortness of breath at times. However I do get itchy around my injection sites often. The first two weeks my whole quads were red in the few days after pinning. Also I swell up and the skin gets taut around the site. This only lasts for a week max, I just wanna make sure my body can handle this if it is a mild allergic reaction. Any feedback is appreciated.

Cycle is 500mg of Test e (per week, 250mg Monday Friday)
300mg of Tren ace (100mg M W F)
Arrim with each shot

You could be having a reaction to the carrier oil. Do you know what it is?

You should probably inject Tren A every day.

Push through i had the same problems early on

Holy shit you’ve actually started the moronic 700mg tren weekly + orals + test tfirst cycle… good luck… you’ll need it