First Cycle Test E/ Tbol Feedback

Hey guys,

Im getting my gear this weekend, and wanted to share with ppl my cycle plans… i wud appreciate any feedback from experienced users. i have an idea planned for Tbol but i want to get some arguements on weather it wud be good or not and why…

Cycle plan:
Test E: weeks 1-10 500mgs (2x250shots)
Tbol: weeks 1-4 40mgs/day
Tbol: weeks 9-12 40mgs/day
Proviron: weeks 1-12 25-50mgs/day (depending on way body reacts to estro sides)

Im using tbol as a kickstart to my cycle, and also to solidify gains while test wares off… is this a good idea?.. Reason why im using tbol is because it is almost water free quality muscle gains. Alot of people wud say Dbol is good to kickstart but MPB runs in the family and im not down to be bald, and just not down for harsh chemicals like dbol and winni…

Clomid: 100/50/50/25
Nolva: 40/20/20/10

please let me know what you guys think!

Test can be just as harsh as dbol on the hairline. Pretty much anything other than deca will affect the hairline to some degree in those predisposed.

Otherwise your cycle sounds ok but I would suggest running an AI because proviron will not be enough.

ya test will definitly not help my hairline, but all i know is that its def better than dbol and winstrol on the hairline. you think i shud add in some finasteride or proscar wiht my cycle?.. if so i have no idea where to get it, cuz i dont think my supplier has dht blockers.

and why isnt proviron not good enough?

Speak english

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Speak english [/quote]

Heh. Yes. Please. This is not a street corner and we are not thugs or drug dealers, so please do not address us as if we are.

Proviron is worthless as an AI. You need a real one. Start with arimidex.

umm. where are you getting the idea that im addressing you guys as “street thugs” or “drug dealers” :S … im sry if my questions are offending you. And i AM speaking ENGLISH lol…

i have decided to supplement with Arimidex or Letrozole… which shud i lean to? and why? lol

what doses shud these drugs be taken?
Adex - 0.5mg ED or EOD…
Letro - 0.5-2.5mg ED?..

thx for any feedback! :slight_smile:

Why don’t you ‘txt’ your dealer LOL =D