First Cycle: Test E/Proviron?

hey guys so I’m going to start my first ever cycle. I was going to run Test E along with proviron, but some people are telling me to stick to test e solo for my first go others are telling me to run proviron the whole cycle and others are saying to run it with my PCT. I have on hand Test E, Proviron, A-dex, HCG, clomid and tamox. Im 26, 5’8 176 lbs. all input on how I should lay this all out is welcome! Thanks

How long have you been training? How are you eating? These all play a factor. No more lecture here though. Proviron will help with water retention and make your libido crazy. Ask the others for PCT advice tho, lol.

Taking proviron during pct would kind of make it not a pct. The P is for “post”; taking a suppressive oral steroid means you’re still on-cycle. You really don’t need it on your first cycle, either. You should see what the test does before thinking about adding in extras. If there’s an issue then you’ll know what caused it because you’d only be on one compound. That’s the reason test 500mgs solo is the gold standard for first cycles.


okay thanks, would you run the HCG and Arimidex with it? and if so how would you run it? Appreciate it

You are obviously new to this world so I will give you a quick synopsis of some common knowledge you will need.

  1. AI stands for aromatase inhibitor. The three main ones are arimidex, aromasin, and femara. They are used to keep the aromatase enzyme from turning hormones into estrogen.
    So YES you should use your arimidex while on any cycle containing compounds succeptable to the aromatase enzyme. They are usually referred to as “wet” compounds. You should read up on high and low estrogen so you have a basic understanding. I think on a 500 mgs per week of testosterone cycle I would start with 0.5 mgs EOD of arimidex. Everyone is different so you are going to have to figure out your own dosage protocol. The only way to KNOWN if you are in a optimal window of estrogen is through blood work. It is still a good idea to know the signs of high and low estrogen so you know what to be watching for, that’s why I am again suggesting you read up.

  2. SERM stands for Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. The main two we use are Nolvadex and Clomid. These drugs mimic estrogen and strongly bind to certain tissues thus preventing the real estrogen from binding and activating the tissues. The main one we worry about is the tissue that grows gyno or bitch tits. We use these in PCT or for specific situations on cycle. Go read up on the differences between them. That is if you have not already.

  3. HCG that stands for something I just don’t feel like googling to spell correctly. There are two main thoughts on it’s use, one is during cycle to prevent shutdown and the second is right before PCT to get out balls producing testosterone again. Most use it during cycle or at least that is how more and more are doing it these days. I have read it simply takes 500iu’s a week divided into two equal doses. However I do recommend reading up on both methods and seeing all the different dosage protocols.

4 esters and half life. You should understand half life first because it tells you when you should start PCT and PCT is the MOST IMPORTANT part of a cycle. Second it helps you understand when you need to inject and when your most productive time in the cycle hits, you definitely want to capitalize on the sweet spot in the cycle. A good general rule to remember is five half lives to reach stable release from the ester if you have a consistent injection schedule and five half lives for terminal levels after last injection. Since I touched on PCT timing it is important for you to know that you can start it too early but you should not wait until the last shot has completely cleared your system. You want to your body to start producing testosterone as the synthetic levels are dropping so that you never get to a zero testosterone level. On long chain esters I count my entire last week as still injecting even though my last one is on Wednesday. So the following Sunday I start my two week count and then Sunday of three weeks I start my PCT. The timing is different for short chain, again I point out you should read up.

  1. Even though Proviron is a pretty easily tolerated compound you should stick to testosterone ONLY for your first cycle. If you want to see a laundry list of reasons then click on my profile and go read all the different reasons I have posted for others. The main reason is you are going to be blown away with what just testosterone does at supraphysiological levels so don’t worry about not getting enough results. Plus more stuff you have in there the harder it is to point at the source of a problem.

6 I am sure if you have any experience in the gym them to some level you know this but I am putting here for anyone who reads this and does not know. The gym is where we break our muscle, sleep is where we get bigger muscles, and food is how we fuel the entire process. So don’t forget to sleep and eat like you have five times the secret ingredient because 500mgs of test a week is around five times the natural level.

  1. This is your choice to use AAS. It has risks that include life long ramifications. Chances are you will love the cycle and continue down this road so make your decisions based on knowledge you gathered from credible sources because you are the one who has to live with the outcome.

  2. You only know if you have properly recovered from a cyce with blood work that is compared with blood work from BEFORE you started the cycle. So get blood work. Those ranges doctors claim are ok are not based off of your genetics. Slightly high normal estrogen might be two to three times what you had before your first cycle but the Dr will say it’s normal and probably do nothing to help you.

I’m sure I covered shit you already knew but I just feel like if this knowledge we’re available in one place we would have less idiots hurting themselves and giving AAS a bad name. Wait we do have all this knowledge in one place, this site…I guess now that it is on one page inside one comment there is no excuse.


This is a golden post. Well done man and extremely kind of you to post this much knowledge. Kudos.

Awsome I really appreciate the info man! How does this look to you

1-10 Test E 500mg/wk
1-10 A-dex .25 eod
5-10 HCG 250ius 2x/wk

PCT: Clomid 100/100/50/50
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20