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First Cycle: Test E, Proviron, MK-677

Just wanted some advice on my first cycle. Have done ligandrol and ibutamoren before aswell as a small HGH cycle mostly for fixing injuries. Haven’t actually juiced before though.

I’m 29, 230lbs, 6’0

The intent of the cycle is to increase energy and recovery so I can train more, develop more strength and lean out a bit. Will probably eat upwards of 4000kcal per day and just moderate weight by increasing cardio.

my plan is:
250mg Test E/wk (1-12)
10mg Mk-677/ day (1-12)
50mg Proviron/day (4-12)
then standard Nolva PCT

Can I ask why did you pick Proviron for your first cycle?
IMO 500mg Test E/w and the Mk-677 would be a better first cycle.
29, 230# 6’ !?! I am 5’9" and at 212 I am a tub of lard.
Pictures would really help. We don’t need to see your face.

well i read that it keeps eostrogen under control and keeps my dick hard so it sounded good. Also wouldnt mind some of the side effects like getting a hairier chest.
thought to keep the test low because I’m not doing a traditional bulking cycle like you big fellas.
I’m probably about 20-25%% body fat but would like to get down around 12% if that helps

When you cycle your T to E ratio is more important than you E2 going over range.
Your SHGB will help or hurt you. Did you get your blood tests?
Biotin will help you with hair on your head and chest.

no I didn’t test my bloods, I thought it would be ok not to if I just use a low dose and add the proviron. I had no idea about ratios even though I’ve read heaps. Sorry it’s fucking complicated for a newbie.

You are just making it complicated. You need before and after bloods.
If this is your first cycle just do T but do enough to matter. 250 300 is not enough to make any difference. 400 to 500 s a much better amount to see if this hobby is something you will get into.

500 mg/week of test only for 12 weeks then 3 weeks off before 4 weeks of PCT is the standard recommended novice cycle.

Your goals (leaning out) are dictated by your diet, not the drugs. I would recommend leaning down to 12% naturally before using gear to add size.

Usually people underestimate how much fat they have, but going with the top end of your range: you have nearly 35 lbs to lose to get to 12%. I like a 2lbs/week weight loss (I’m about your height) and if you’re consistent then it would take 17-18 weeks.

FWIW MK-677 might be counter productive for losing weight as it tends to increase hunger.


So I should slim down to my desired body fat,

Get bloods before and after,

Run 500mg test E for 12 weeks,

Wait 3 weeks and do PCT

Again, my goals are not so much to add size but I just want a bit of an energy boost to train more and recover better.
Will doing this provide the desired outcome?

Then use test at 0mg/w and eat less. Steroids are for building muscle. Yes, at a certain level cutting requires some anabolic assistance. But for a first cycle? No reason. Cut down naturally (use the MK if you like it) and then run a cycle to add size when you’re at the body fat you want to be.

Your energy levels will get better as you shed some fat. Being in a deficit sucks, but it can end up making you more energized when you’re leaning out.

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Then have more caffeine and/or sleep better. Hormone altering drugs that could affect you for the rest of your life (potentially shut down your natural test production permanently, cause hair loss, cause gynocomastia, shorten life expectancy) are not really for your needs.