First Cycle Test-E or Ostarine

Planning on doing my first cycle of Test E within the next few weeks and I have a few questions. My plan was to do 250mg a week for 12 weeks. I am paranoid of gyno and was planning on taking arimidex from day 1 to prevent it, any downside to this? For PCT I was advised to use nolvadex at 40mg a day for the first 2 weeks and 20mg a day for the remaining 2 weeks. I was told by another guy I work out with that I’d need clomid as well as nolvadex alone won’t be enough.

And now for the elephant in the room… I’ve been researching the different types of steroids and their effects, dosages, and cycles for a while now. But as I mention to my workout buddies that I’m going to start a cycle soon, they introduced me to the world of SARMs which tbh I have never heard of before. A couple of them recommended a SARMs only cycle, more specifically ostarine as a gateway to using gear. Their reasoning is the gains will be decent, there are way fewer side effects, and I also will not need a pct if I use a low dosage, 20mg daily for 8 weeks. After learning about SARMs I’m at a loss now. Feels like I’m back to square one since I know very little about them. Anyone here have any experience with an ostarine only cycle?

Well, RIP Estrogens.

I assume your “research” was a compilation of Reddit threads, and that you have no l clue how Exo. Testosterone affects your HPTA, mostly based on your bro-PCT.

I’m gonna ask for the following before I blow a fuse:

  • height
  • weight
  • age
  • training age
  • PRs
  • physique picture

Andrew is being more patient with you than I am going to be.

Your knowledge is WELL below the threshold where I would feel comfortable saying you’re in a position to be using these drugs. Almost nothing you said here makes sense. And I agree, it looks like all your info is coming from reddit (or similar). It’s wild to me how stupid the reddit community is when it comes to steroids.

I’ll tackle the SARMs first. Ostarine suppresses natural testosterone production. The idea that you wouldn’t need a pct with it is 100% wrong. I have a feeling that the people who think it’s not suppressive are just buying into the marketing. When Ostarine was introduced (along with other SARMS), the draw was that a) you could buy them legally as ‘research chemicals’, b) you don’t have to use needles, c) that it’s supposed to be as effective as steroids, and d) it’s not suppressive.

Much of the ‘information’ people have on SARMS, as I mentioned, is based on marketing. There were a whole lot of websites more or less disguised as informational, when they were actually promoting/selling these drugs. Same with the reddit community. Most of the early proponents of Ostarine who would start threads were actually there to make money off of it.

Here are the problems: a) Ostarine is often not supplied at the dosages its marketed at. There’s really no control over SARMS, and one could easily receive a product that is way overdosed, underdosed, or not even the right chemical. The SARMS market is very unreliable. b) it’s absolutely not even close to being as effective as real steroids. c) the side effects are undersold, but they are real. I personally don’t believe the side effects are any less than steroids, when used at doses like 20mg. 20 mg is more than 10x the average clinically tested level. I don’t see how anyone would consider that a ‘low’ dose. Dosing in tests has ranged from .3mg to 3mg per day… not 20.

That’s probably enough on the SARMs, lol. I think I’ve made it very clear I don’t support that idea. Other SARMS aren’t even worth mentioning, as Ostarine is probably the safest one.

So here’s where I would start on the testosterone: Have you ever gotten bloodwork to know what your test levels are now? 250mg a week is on the high end of TRT. Spending 12 weeks on levels just above TRT, only to tank your tesosterone for a month or 2 after, is about the worst idea I can imagine. Absolutely not worth it. If you have low testosterone in general, you should just get on TRT to start. If you don’t, you would be better off at a higher dose, I would say 400-500 per week. Although really, I would suggest not using anything, since you clearly haven’t done enough research to be prepared for this journey.

You absolutely do NOT want to start arimidex on day 1. Everyone responds differently to these drugs, and you will not know if/how much your estrogen is elevated if you start inhibiting it from day 1. You’ll almost certainly crash it, which is a goddamn awful result.

The clomid with nolvadex advice, which was given on forums for years, is some of the worst advice that was ever spread regarding pct. It’s nonsense. People seem to just assume more is better, might as well throw everything in. And it simply doesn’t work that way. Pick one or the other. When you combine these drugs, they actually work against each other and are less effective than just using one. I’d also cut the dose you’ve proposed for nolvadex in half. That’s more than you need. Less is more, in this case. As a side note: if Andrew has anything to add to this part, he’s probably a better source of info for me. I’m going off of what I learned nearly 10 years ago. I haven’t used a PCT in at least 5 years, as I’ve been on TRT myself for that duration. So I don’t keep up with current PCT stuff.

Your gym bros are morons.


I blame a lot of the popular steroid talking heads for starting this trend of guys cycling doses of gear that will not be effective for the vast majority of guys. Reddit and other forums repeat it.

They usually talk about lowest effective dose. With steroids that is non-sense (in this context). Like 100 mg/wk will get you a few ounces of muscle in 12 weeks (for the average guy). It isn’t worth it though, and neither is 200-250 IMO. This line of reasoning fails to take into account the risk of shutting down your HPTA.

One needs to have data (blood work) from no AI, and then blood work with tiny amounts of AI to properly use it (unless they get lucky).


I agree. All this BS on guys like Seth Feroce looking like he does on “trt” is getting kids shutting themselves down for 250mgs worth of gains hoping to look like that. I believe its even worse than admitting actual dosages.


I am 30, 5’10 and 170lbs. Yes mist of my research is from reddit and articles I found on google. The reason I was gonna start with 300mg is because thats what i see most for first time users, but I don’t mind starting at 500mg is that is in fact better

I would strongly recommend a 12 week cycle of eating more food, getting more sleep, and lifting heavier weights before touching AAS.

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worthless and underwhelming presuming you are a healthy man. shutting yourself down for nothing.


A lie.

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I think this comes from guys who have not actually run gear yet. There are plenty of people without experience that will say stuff like this. IDK if that’s a lie since they probably believe it.


Flip likely covered everything. But, Sarms are not even close to steroids effect wise…although side effect eise, they surely can be. Why mess with something so inferior on multiple levels.

250 mg a week for 12 weeks. Why bother? Shut yourself down for what? A slightly above hrt level dosage, that wont blow you away gains wise, and that you will need to recover from…while your pct looks like it crawled out of the triassic period.

Spend more time. On everything non aas related (training, nutrition, sleep) while getting a better handle on what your first cycle should be, before you do it.


At least they could point him to the ones that kinda work.

before TRT I spent time and money experimenting with what I thought was a great loophole.

once a week this question is asked, my response is always the same

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According to the data available, the strain on lipids induced is conparable to orals

Also appears to strain the liver, kidneys

I doubt they’re safer, perhaps they’re more tissue selective… but some people report visual sides with drugs like andarine.

Humans aren’t very good at gaugung long term risk, so we can run one cycle of sarms… think “huh, I’m fine. Therefore it’s safe”

And continue running them until something goes wrong. Same can be said about steroids… but at least we know of the potential long term repercussions there.

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