First Cycle Test E Only

[quote]treygold123 wrote:
Yeah it makes you wonder what kind of a life this guy lives when his favorite passtime is scouring the web for threads to complain on haha.

Anyway the sensitive nipple problem stopped. I took 20mg of nolva and my .5mg adex. Will continue adex eod for the remainder of the cycle and run nolva for the next 3-5 days to be sure that no gyno symptoms persists. [/quote]

LMAO Haha I didn’t realize you were the OP. That’s priceless and I’m the joke. Your the fucking home you weak minded moron. Blaming your parents because of how small and weak you are. Lol your having to use AAS to look and be average that’s the fucking joke. Even after your cycle your going to lose 90% if not more because you have no clue about eating or training that’s the joke. Your fucking pathetic blaming others for your short comings as a man because you can’t will your self into eating enough or research proper training protocols. Your the fucking joke. I have proven I have what it takes and do so every day even before the gear.

But I understand and realize this board has become over run with guys who are not willing to do what it takes and turn to drugs in order to make basic gains any one could so they can have a easy way out. So ill up date my log but other than that I guess I’m done with this site. Which I guess will make some happy and others not so but, obviously this board is being taken over by people who have no need nor have put in their time to use AAS and the people responding obviously dont care as most of them are doing the same. I’ll stay out of this section from now on. You guys have a good day.

You got your panties in a bunch now? haha. First things first I’m 188lbs and 6’1 I would say that that is a bit above average, secondly I also am a full time college student and security guard working 40+ hours a week in New York City. You sit out in Tennessee where shit gets "tough at work"right?? Lastly, I’m always in New York and training MMA so I do a pretty decent amount of cardio thus further slowing natural weight gain but I can guarantee you the one thing I definitely am not is weak. If you’re ever in NYC please PM me and I WILL give you the name and address of my MMA gym. We can jump in the ring any day brother and the weak guy will definitely hem you up. I love fighting above my weight class, thats why I’m trying to reach 200lbs in the first place. Haha bozo

This guy makes me sick. I hope you don’t really leave reed as you can be harsh but you give real advice. and I appreciate that. as for this clown trying to fight you over msn. well I can see why you want to leave…n. fuck

Treygolds sensitive nipples are making him a little moody

HAHAHAHAHHHA glad to see someone took my spot in the trolling spot on this website. Trey… relax. And i just wanted to point out… you just answered your own question as to why you’re not gaining weight (besides you making excuses) and you dont think the drug federation will drug test you if you ever go far in the MMA? lolzzz wow. Are you gonna want me to come to new york now to fight you? XD lololololol

HAHAHA I’m not a pro MMA fighter and don’t plan to be, my career is in private security. I’m just amused at how many people feel tough on the internet but none of these guys see action in real life. Anyway I did have a good day or two of fun with you guys, btw I’m up to 194 lbs now. Seeing great improvement. Appetite is also out of the roof, don’t know if its the stuff or the extra workload making me so hungry but i like it.

Did you decide to go with the HCG?

[quote]Reed wrote:
this board is being taken over by people who have no need nor have put in their time to use AAS[/quote]

It always has been, though. That being said, there does seem to be a pretty big shortage of vets here at the present time.

Also, that’s a hefty ass schedule you got. Respect.

I hear it’s more beneficial to run clen during my test e cycle instead of after? Anyone support this?