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First Cycle Test-E Only


I'm 24 5'9" 158lbs. I've been lifting for 4 years seriously and on and off since the age of 14. I've been stuck at my 1RM's for months and looking for a way to cycle once for growth. My diet is on point I eat clean 7 days a week besides a cheat day once every 10 days which I will probably make once every 2 weeks while cycling. I've been reading a lot on here for the past few months and this is what I've come up with. I'm looking for advice and tips on my cycle choice and plan:
I'm running:
test-e 500MG X 10weeks
I plan on using the taper method for PCT:
Completely Off week 11.
then tapering 80/60/50/40/30/20 for the remaining weeks.

I've also seen a method where you don't take off the week and do a period of 3-6 weeks at 100MG test. I want to know which is preferred


And what do you plan on doing when you come off the gear? How will you maintain anything??


And what do you plan on doing when you come off the gear? How will you maintain anything??


Continue dieting and Lifting heavy consistently. Are you implying the only way for me to be able to keep the gains are continued cycles?


What are your 1rms


Bench- 245 Squat- 315 Dead lift- 295


You dont need gear yet. You have plenty of natural strength left to come if you will just eat. Sorry.


And what do you plan on doing when you come off the gear? How will you maintain anything??


I am going through with the cycle. Are there any cycle suggestions??


We gave you our suggestions and with that attitude have fun learning on your own :wink:. Your too underdeveloped in strength and size and your uneducated in Diet, Training, and AAS use your not ready for it. Pretty much end of thread here I hope every one else agrees and you can go get your info from some where else.


One person gave me advice and I did appreciate a response although you haven't answered on how the cycle itself was. just wanted to make it known that I was taking it. I'm thoroughly confused how you can comment on my diet or training when you haven't asked anything about any of those subjects. Do you just base things on conjecture??


I plan to continue training 5days a week and eating a clean 3500calorie a day diet as I'm doing now. Do you have suggestions that I can add to that?


Because your 5'9" 150lbs means your diet is sub par. Your lifts are also sub par and you have been stuck for months at the same weight meaning your training and programming are sub par and shit. Your doing a cycle because you either dont know how to train and eat or your looking for the easy way out that's how I am able to comment. We get guys like you here every week so you start to pick up on things quickly. So have a good day :wink:


No i'm implying you're only 158 Fucking lbs and been training for 4 years. Your diet is obviously shit and probably your training as well. Those are things your should focus on first.


Bench is 50lbs away from deadlift??

The fuck you been doing in the gym!!!


Lol I wasn't even going to mention that as it seemed to harsh. Also notice his Squat is more than his Deadlift 90% of the time means he squatting pretty high. This guy is a joke.


thanks for no relevant answers.


I told you were not going to help you the only relevant answer you need is your not fucking ready for gear and that's what you got. Go some where else and ask for advice around here we frown on people like you and do our best not to support you. Its guys like you who give guys like us a bad reputation. Have a good day.


There is no fixed weight or mass that everybody can achieve naturally, so I don't buy what the critics are saying. But you should not be juicing at 18.


He is not 18 he is a undertrained, under feed, and uneducated 24 year old looking for a quick fix to his laziness.