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First Cycle Test E Only. Gyno Since Puberty. Need Help with PCT

Hello everyone, I’m 22 years old and want to start my first cycle, i have almost a 6 year background with sports but of course i’ve had my ups and downs here and there. I’ve done my blood work around a month and a half ago and results show i have a 3.62 ng/ML total test level and my free T4 level is 1.35 ng/dl. other than that doc said i was pretty healthy, i don’t drink nor smoke.

I was thinking about doing a basic Test enanthate cycle for 12 weeks (hey maybe 10 weeks is enough too, what do you guys think?) my goals are to actually become stronger and grow big just a little bit more because i feel like i’ve hit my natural potential and can’t grow any more muscle, i must admit i have really bad genetics too but it doesn’t stop me from trying to lift as heavy as i can.

I’m 5 foot 9, 179 lbs and my current numbers are as follows and they’re all for 5 reps.; (btw i’m on a bill starr powerlifting program right now.)

Deadlift: 300lbs
Squat: 275lbs
Bench: 155lbs (yeah my bench sucks, genetics i guess or maybe my fault i don’t know.)

I’ve had gyno since puberty and couldn’t had surgery for now i don’t want to wait either i’m willing to take the risk because i will eventually get the surgery but sick of postponing jumping on the cycle and now my mind is focused don’t want to lose momentum.

So i need help especially with pct. i want to run 500 mg of test E for 12 weeks, i see people saying no need for hcg for test e only cycle etc, and to be honest i want to save as much money as possible from pct but if something is a must i would gladly pay whatever needed. oh, and in my country the pct drugs i will be able to buy are; tamoxifen, arimidex, pregnyl (and some other drugs)

for example, with my gyno just using arimidex during and after the cycle would be enough? how many mg? is pregnyl necessary? i’m a complete noob when it comes to pct and i can’t get my head around it, if anyone can help me understand or maybe suggest a plan that would be so frickin awesome. any kind of help is appreciated. english is my second language so apologies if any mistakes are made. Thanks in advance guys.

So you’re 22, bench 155, and want to run a cycle but don’t know how to run PCT.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Ok so 6 years on and off sports? Im gonna assume not much lifting was done in that 6 years if im wrong then your training needsnto improve along with your diet before you use gear. If im right then you should try and get these numbers up before using gear.

I promise you this isnt the case train better or eat better or both

Lifting heavy isnt always the answer. Try a hypertrophy program for a year while in a 700cal/day surpluss of clean real food and i guarantee you will pack on size and muscle. Then revisit steroids.

Your 22 im gonna talk to you like a grown man if you say you understand the risk thats up to you.

Arimidex is not a pct drug it is a aromotose inhibitor (AI) it is used on cycle for people to control estrogen which in your case if you gyno prone might be important. This is something you should have known already and another reason why you need to take a step back and during the next year of hypertrophy training research steroids more in depth

If you ignore everything i said and still run a cycle pct shouod look as follows

Nolva (tomox) 40/40/20/20 thats 40mg/day for 2 weeks than 20/day for next 2 weeks.

Oh and dont mess with hcg especially in your case


Let’s say 4 years of that was dedicated to lifting. I didn’t want to write a really long story on the first post but my issue as a kid who was raised eating junk food due to my parents not really caring so i have always been weak, it’s just a simple reality that i have always had to face, i’m humble enough to admit it, i’m not using the genetics card as an excuse because i’ve tried many many different things from hypertrophy to heavy or many other programs, the question is if my workout needs improvement for example how badly can i be running a simple 5x5 program? i’m dedicated i follow the worksheet(full rom, i never cheat on myself) but after a certain point i see that my muscles are same as ever i only gain fat water etc so i start not liking the way i look especially with my puffy nipples. i feel like i’ve reached my peak and maybe my peak is not as good as others.

Simply put, i want to see what i fear the most… Steroids! Maybe you guys are right, maybe i am doing something wrong and i am ready to learn that from doing my first cycle but if everything goes well so then i will know i achieved something and went beyond my capacity. I am just tired of trying different workouts or diets and spend my time staying the same. It will defitintely be a win/win situation for me even if i fail during my cycle.

my body seems to answer heavy work better, i usually get my muscles feel fuller and stronger if i work heavy otherwise i don’t even feel like they’re working for some reason.

many many thanks on the pct advice i really appreciate it, no i am not really ignoring anything you have said but i think i made up my mind…

So no need for clomid and hcg then. i was thinking since i had gyno (very small just a puffy nipple) i will take arimidex 0.5 mg during my cycle so i’m assuming my cycle should be like this;

Week 1-12 Test E 500mg (split into 2 injections per week.)
Week 1-12 Arimidex 0.5 mg EOD
Week 12-14 none
Week 14-16 Tamoxifen 40 mg a day
Week 16-18 Tamoxifen 20 mg a day

I hope I’m right?

If you truly have pubertal gynecomastia you should save your money and get corrective surgery. That’s what I did at your age for mine and it was the best decision of my life for my mental wellbeing. I didn’t hop on gear until I was in my 30s. Also, just because you have pubertal gynecomastia doesn’t mean you’re susceptible to increased E2 sides; I would drop the Arimidex from the cycle and only keep it on hand if you notice severe side effects.

This hit home for me. My parents fed me hamburger helper, ramen and Mac and cheese weekly and made sure I had an endless supply of hostess cup cakes and twinkes with pints of Ben and Jerry’s to spoon on top. I was 300lb by the age 18 and had never picked a weight up (altho I did play HS football I never lifted I was a lineman who just needed to fill space) don’t let things like this ever make you doubt your natural potential. I spent years slimming down and lifting. I have probably tried close to every weight lifting program and diet fad you can name… It took about 3 years of trying different programs and diets to settle on something that worked for me. The whole my genetics are bad I can’t get bigger line is bullshit it’s a cop out. Yes genetics play a part but that more you either have genetics to be fucking huge or you don’t. Everyone is capable of decent size naturally it may just come easier to some than others. I would suggest if you don’t personally know any bros who are jacked who can help you train then spend your money on a personal trainer (a good one not buff Ben who wears a trainer shirt and goes to your gym and screams light weight after each set and wants to sell you sarms) atleast for a few months he might be able to help you break thru and learn some things you didn’t know or maybe you did know but weren’t executing right.

Well I don’t know you but just from what you have said I could debate this. Because it seems they aren’t answering right now be cause your not growing. It’s easy to get a pump and fill your muscles with blood but that doesn’t mean your lifting right or lifting to wear your gonna get bigger

Glad to hear. Hey your and adult your choices are yours I don’t have to live with them you do. I’m only hear to give my opinion regardless of your decision if you do use AAS il support that and help you any way I can during and after the cycle

No clomid nolva is fine for pct. And my personal opinion is hcg for cycling is stupid. It has its place in trt but I’m not sold on it for cycling. It can be beneficial for a couple weeks before pct but even then I don’t see the benefits outweighing the possible sides from really high doses of hcg

Everyone is different with the arimidex. I don’t use it on cycle. But I won’t tell you that you won’t need it. I will suggest that you try not to use it but have it on hand. Forget you even have the shit unless you legitimately have unbearable high E2 sides or start growing lumps (which is very unlikely to happen on a 3 month cycle) I personally believe people are to hung up on this magic E2 number on cycle and end up doing more damage than good driving themselves crazy on cycle worried about this number that they literally create placebo side effects of what they think high E2 is which turn their cycle from a test blast to a let’s monitor E2 cycle