First Cycle Test E Only Feedback

I want to run my first cycle ever

I decided to do a test e only cycle for 12 weeks. I did my research and

this is the full cycle I want to run:

250mg Test E 2x per week (mo/thur)
0,5 arimidex every second day
250ui HCG every day

Chlomid 100mg everyday
Tamoxifen 20mg everyday

Chlomid 50mg everyday
Tamxifen 20mg everyday
tamoxifen 20mg everyday

any feedback?

you don’t take hCG every day. If you want to run it all the way through then 250iu twice or thrice weekly, stopping 4 days before you start your SERMs.

There’s no need to dose your clomid so high the first week of your PCT. 50mg is fine.

Other than that you’re all good. Enjoy!

What is your background info? ex: age, height, weight, experience ect…