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First Cycle: Test E Only, 8-12 Weeks. Need Help Planning PCT

Hey, I have been lifting for about 5-7 years now, and have decided that I am ready to try my first cycle. I figured a good beginner cycle would be just Test.

I am planning to do a 8 - 12 week cycle,
500mg of test e / week , but I want to know if I should pin twice a week, or just once.

I am also not sure about how to do my PCT.
So far I believe I should be taking 2 weeks of HCG at unknown dose until I take Clomid and Nolva. I would like to know the dosage as well. If you guys could knowledge me, that would be great.

I am 5’7, 156lbs, 10-12% bodyfat

Go at least 12 weeks, if not 16. Check out steroidplotter<.com> (remove the <>) and plot out your cycle. Notice that it takes around 4 weeks to get fully saturated, leaving you 4 weeks at peak dosage. Pin at least 2x a week. I am in the process of experimenting with 4x a week pins for TRT, in hopes of lowering my E2. I’ve seen anecdotal reports and bloodwork of people needing less AI when they pin smaller doses more frequently.

For PCT, you can run the hCG in several ways. It seems one common method is 500-1000 iu EOD in the 2 weeks between stopping test and starting your SERM. Some people run it the whole cycle and stop it in the 2 weeks before starting the SERM. I’m on doc-prescribed TRT and I run it 500IU 2x a week.

You don’t need Clomid AND Nolva for PCT, one will be sufficient. The older way was to blast the shit out of both at once, running something like 40/40/20/20 per day Nolva and 50/50/25/25 per day Clomid. You can get by fine with 10-20mg/day Nolva for 6-8 weeks, or 25mg/day Clomid.

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From my own experience this does work when blasting. Not sure about TRT though. Im running the same dosage of AI on 800mg/w pinning eod as i was when running 600mg/w pinning 2x /w.

@deanis55 I’ll let you know how it goes. I was doing 80mg e3.5d with 0.25mg adex e3.5d. I’m doing 40mg S-M-W-F now with no AI. Bloods should be drawn in about 2-3 weeks.

How you feeling currently? I plan to cruise on 200mg/w and want to avoid an AI completely.

For the most part I feel pretty normal, I’m just in my 2nd week of it. I have noticed some dry skin and warm flashes, which I believe can be low E2 symptoms. But I also started taking Bronkaid as part of an EC stack for this cut, so I’ve changed 2 variables at once which is bad for an experiment. Nipples are fine though, emotions are in check and I actually feel good mentally, despite the shit hole state of the world right now!

Thanks a lot for this information.

Correct me if I’m wrong guys, but this is the current cycle i have in mind.
I am also curious if I need Arimidex (and how and when to take )
week 1 - 12 = 500mg test e / week
week 12 - 14 = HCG 500-1000 iu EOD ( how to know how much you need?)
week 14 - 15 = Nolva 50 ED
week 15 - 16 = Nolva 50 ED
week 16 - 17 = Nolva 25 ED
week 17 - 18 = Nolva 25 ED

You should have adex or asin on hand. You may or may not need it, most people seem to need at least a little at 500mg test per week. There are two schools of thought on taking it. One is you start taking it preventatively in the 2nd or 3rd week, like maybe 0.25mg adex or 6.25mg asin 2x a week. The other is you wait until you have sides of high E2 like bloating/water retention, high blood pressure, emotional swings, etc. and then start taking it. E2 is neuroprotective and necesasry in males, you don’t want to crash it or let it run wild. Either path you take, get bloods drawn after about 6 weeks to see if you need to adjust your AI.

Your Nolva dosage is a touch high IMO. You can run it lower for longer and possibly have fewer side effects, 20/20/20/10/10/10 for 6 weeks for example.

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I get this too when e2 is too low.

Thats all you need my friend! All is good.

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