First Cycle, Test E. Need PCT Advice

Im 25 years old, 5’10, about 185 lbs , 12-15% bf, have been training and eating properly since 18. I am wondering if this is a good and safe protocol for my first cycle:

Weeks 1-10
Test E 500 mg/wk pin monday/thursday
Arimidex .5mg EOD

Weeks 10-12 OFF

Weeks 12-16
clomid [50/50/25/25]

Ive done a good amount of research. is this cycle good enough? Im also wondering, how do most peoples libidos respond after coming off, during PCT and after PCT? I know i should be golden during cycle, with proper PCT should my libido still be fine? Also, I have managable acne, slight to moderate, but I feel like test will make me break out, does anyone with experience on this have any tips on remedying that during cycle? Thank you.

Might be too much arimidex. Maybe start lower and see if you’re getting high e2 symptoms before taking more. It’s a tough needle to thread and having e2 run a little high is preferable to having it too low.

Clomid works and those doses are good. Nolva is becoming the preferred pct drug simply because of the potential of severity of Clomid side effects. But if you’ve got Clomid already and you’re read to roll then you should be fine.

As far as libido is concerned you’ll get responses all over the spectrum. You’ll hear of guys who have no libido for months after cycle and you’ll hear about guys who say they didn’t miss a beat. It’s not easy to predict for each individual.

Would you say start .05 every third day and if symptoms show up, switch to every second day? Also what factors tend to determine when your libido comes back or if it even goes away after/during PCT? What can I do to help libido during that phase? I’m worried about this because messing up my libido would be a huge deal for me. Also, should I add 500 IUs of HCG per week too during cycle for added support? And finally, would I be okay doing an 8 week cycle instead of 10 week? Sorry if that’s a lot of questions

0.5mg twice per week (day of or day after injection) will suffice and yes if you noticed high e sides then up it to 0.5mg eod. Low t and low or high e can impact your libido negatively. I have no experience with hcg, only research, though from what I understand it will make the transition back to your natural hormone levels somewhat easier (due to it keeping the testes up and running) and possibly avoiding a negative impact on libido. Unfortunately there is a high chance you will have a negative impact on your libido, whether that’s while trying to get your arimidex dosage where it needs to be or while on pct getting your hormones back to normal.
As for cycle length 10-12 weeks is probably your best bet, you tend not to see much in the way of strength gains with test e until week 4 and size gains in week 6 so you would only have another few weeks if you did an 8 week cycle.