First Cycle, Test E for 7 Weeks

Question concerning my first 7 week cycle…

my Stats:

male age 23
5 foot 7 in. 190lbs --body fat less than 11%
training natural for 7 years
My diet and rest have been great. I eat at least 200grams protein daily

squat 610 single ply
deadlift 590 raw
My overall goal is to gain strength, and then keep as much of my gains as possible.

I have read Anabolics 9th ed. and decided to start test enanthate for 7 weeks.
W1-W8 500mg test e

Tamoxifen will be on hand from day one and used if needed.

But my question concerns PCT for this cycle. I wondering who has had success using the PoWeR PCT program outlined in Anabolics 2009?

Program for Wellness Restoration (PoWeR):

Following my 7 week cycle:

hCG 2500IU every other day for 16 days
Clomiphene citrate (50mgs) taken twice daily for 30 days
Tamoxigen citrate 20mg per day for 45 days.

Will I really need hCG following these doses? Does this type of PCT work? What should I change in this cycle?

Impressive stats. Test is a great compound, particularly for your first cycle, though I suspect you’ll gravitate to stacks containing more androgenous compounds in the future, as you’ll be able to tailor cycles more towards increased strength, rather than a mix of size and stength.

At 500 mg / wk, hCG is certainly recommended, as your testes will start to shrink a couple of weeks into your cycle. With the cycle that you posted previously (you did edit your post, right?), it wouldn’t have been as important, though you’d still have been shutdown.

While I’ve used hCG as part of PCT years ago, like most I now use it in moderate doses on-cycle (250 IU ~ 2x / week, starting early on eg. week 2). It just seems to make more sense to use lesser doses of hCG on-cycle and prevent or lessen damage in the first place, rather than wait until PCT and then use boatloads of it to recover from a worse situation, as well as potentially risk desensitization (probably unlikely, but still a risk IMO).

You also mention keeping tamox on hand during the cycle. I assume that is because the author doesn’t recommend using AI’s. I don’t particularly agree with that, as I’d rather cut ever so slightly into potential gains by knocking down estrogen levels across the board and know that as a result I’ll avoid gyno or prostate problems. If a consequence of that is slightly poorer lipid levels for a couple of months, I accept that tradeoff.

The controlled reduction of excess estrogen does not reduce gains (in muscle) as long as the level is kept within a normal range.

This way you will receive the benefits of estrogen while avoiding the risks associated with the massive increases in E when using high dose Testosterone (as any dose over ~70mg/wk is physiologically).

I agree… use an i during the cycle to avoid estrogenic sides and use the HCG as recommended by ‘who’…