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First Cycle Test e + eq


Hi, I need some advice about test e + eq cycle from you seasoned vets out there.
Stats: 26yo 5'9" 160lbs 12%bf

This will be my first injectable cycle. I've done dbol before, wasn't really happy with it. It made me bloat and affected my cardio.

I plan on doing 16week cycle
500mg/week eq
250mg/week test e

Frontload the first 2 weeks
1000mg/week eq
500mg/week test e

I have arimidex to take during cycle

Clomid for pct.

I have spent money on it so there is no backing out now.

My goal is mostly a performance boost. I want to be faster and stronger, and shave some minutes off my 10k time.
I'd like to gain 10-15lbs and still perform athletically. I'm looking at it as more muscle = more overall performance
From what I scratched online, eq seems to be the go to gear for performance boost. Comments on that?
I was told to have a test base for any cycle to achieve good results.

I run 5-10k 3x a week
Crossfit 3x a week
Gym 4-5x week

Im new to crossfit. I would just keep to the gym if I could but I've bought into Crossfit as it helps my endurance.

Is this plan good to go? Thanks for the help


That cycle will probably suck.

Also, you are way, way to small to be cycling...5'9 and only 160 lbs at 12%? AND you've already cycled previously...


Ironman I think your totally wrong. Obviously at 160lbs he put tons and tons of effort into the gym and even more in the Kitchen the guy is a total beast and is so ready for a well thought totally awesome cycle like the one above.

OP obviously I am being sarcastic about the entire post and I hope you just get fake gear... Maybe even a slight infection. Have a good day.


Lol, fuck you Reed.

At first all I read was your first paragraph...and I was trying to figure outa way to digitally bitch slap you.


HAHAHA you know I love you. I would like to hope people would realize I wouldn't recommend that cycle to anyone apparently I gotta post more often haha.



I not overly concerned with the cycle itself, although it is not an extremely productive one in terms of adding size. More so the completely unprepared and underdeveloped cycler.


I completely agree but, you cant do anything with these guys there fucking delusional.


Yea the thing is, I wish somebody would have given me honest, good advice when I was younger like some of these guys.


Trust me I am fully on board with that if I could go back I would have def done shit a lot differently.


Wow. So, are all you seasoned mr. Olympians on this board here to just mock newer guys asking for help? I came here hoping to gain some knowledge of what im getting myself into before getting into it. Like I said its not the size I'm after. It's performance. I was asking if eq was the right choice. I don't want to become 220lbs of muscle steel and sex appeal like most you here obviously are. Yah I could probably get bigger, if I stop running as much and just stick to lifting heavy and taking 5 min breaks in between sets. But no, I'm getting into juice for a performance boost. Not to look good and pick up women. I expected a little more class from the body building community but this is retarded. Here I am actually thinking I would get some good advice from this site. I'm small, I can probably out run you meat heads here who has to walk sideways cause their quads overlap each other


If this is not a desirably quality for you, I think you may be looking into the wrong drugs.



/end thread


WHOA WHOA WHOA HEY SLOW THE FUCK DOWN...I am a powerlifter/strongman... I dont represent anything body building.

Also you came to a Bodybuilding/Powerlifting/Strongman/Lift Heavy Shit forum. We here are tailored to people who want to have their quads overlaying each other and wear XL atleast shirts haha. If you want to know what drugs to take to be a gay crossfitter or run faster try going to ILookLikeALittleGirlButIRunFasterThanAMan.com or maybe ICanKipAnything.com or some other site tailored to people who weigh under 200lbs and like to run a million miles.


Haha. Either of us could give 2 fucks about girls...we are married.

Reed competes and I have probably ran, swam, and overall trained more than your feeble little mind can comprehend. I don't do those things any more bc I fucked up my knees royally.

You're angry bc you aren't getting the advice you are looking for, rather the advice you need.

If you are going to be a jackass and run a cycle regardless of solid advice...just do 500mg test/week with .5 mg adex EOD. Standard, simple, effective.

If you think bodybuilders are meatheads, and are only focused on endurance and faggy crossfit bullshit, then don't get your twat twisted when we aren't super fond of your proposed cycle and ignorance.


Oh yes you can definitely outrun me no questions there, but how does that fucking relate to anything here? 5 min breaks between sets? You come here as a small shit stain, ask for advice after telling us what you want to do, and get told to not do it. Basically, because it is dumb and you have no clue how to eat or train based on your size. I know people who run a lot that are much bigger than you muscularly. Then you talk trash to people who could literally eat you. Way to go OP. You will get along nicely with us here.


Let me help:

These boys do know their game and are on top of it. You just didn't get the response you were looking for, but it was the one I expected.

You can do all three my friend; bigger, faster, and get the babes! Personally, I ran a 10k in April at a 8:05 pace and singled 600 lb in the squat in the same day.(just wanted to see if I could) As for the babes; I married a beautiful woman who gave me 4 beautiful boys. You can have it all!

As for your training; I found 200 mg of test cyp did some good for my long distances. My guess is the increase in red blood cells help to carry more O2.


Makes sense that you have a bunch of kids...you always come in as the benevolent father figure lol.

I enjoy reading your responses, very level headed.


Not really sure why its necessary to flame the hell out of this guy. Yeah he's extremely small for someone considering gear, but was pretty up front he wants to do more of a "Lance Armstrong" type cycle than a Ronnie if you catch my drift. Personally I think eq is worthless, but if you're after endurance that is supposed to be the one thing its good at. Other than that I have no idea bro I have different goals than you.

Reed is it really necessary to say you hope he gets an infection when all he did was ask for cycle advice? He didn't start flaming anyone off the bat. I know we all get frustrated with people asking stupid questions and endless newb oral only cycles and the like but that is pretty ridiculous to say man.


Because I am sick and tired of this board that was at one time the best place to discuss serious topics is now completely flooded day after day with the same, uneducated, untrained, and looking to be spoon fed fucks who have not and are not willing to put in their time in the kitchen, gym, or in a book educating there selves before coming here and posting up some half ass cycle. Then when they get the advice they need but, not what they want they cry like little bitches and tell us how insensitive we are. I said what I said because I meant it. Maybe its harsh but oh well not my problem.

Lastly if he wants advice on how to take drugs to be Lance Armstrong then maybe he should have went to forum that gives a fuck about that and can relate to him... That is not here.


Reed may have came across, but its just his personality.

I second pretty much everything he said (minus the infection bit lol).

If you do not like and do not want to look or train like us...don't come here. Plenty of bro forums with ill informed brobags to spoon feed and burp you.