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First Cycle Test-E/DBol



10% bodyfat

Squat 405
Bench 295
Dead 410....pathetic i know.

basically i just want to make sure i run it as smooth as possible and as far as the armidex ive heard and read so many suggestions im just trying to get the dosage correct. my cycle will go as follows.

1-10 Dbol 30mg every day split three times daily.
1-10 Test-E 500mg spit sat/thurs
1-10 armidex....?
Pct Nolva 40/40/30/20

Shoot it down, tear it up....just want feedback. Very Much Appreciated.


.25 is what ive read. thanks for the feedback on the cycle.


You need to adjust the days you're doing injections for stable blood levels. Not sure how or why you came up with the schedule you did, but it would be ideal to inject as close as possible to every 3.5 days instead of every 2 then 5 days.
I do Monday morning and Thursday night w/ Test E.


I don't think you're going to find anybody who thinks 10 weeks of dbol is a good idea. Instead of 30mg for 10 weeks try 40 mg for 4 weeks.


What's wrong with a 10 weeker of Dbol a bad idea?


Speak english and/or stop posting drunk.


Is that you in your avatar, do you compete?

Will this be your first cycle? What is your previous experience with AAS?

Many here will say 20 is too young for a first cycle.

Read the SERM and AI sticky for information on Adex.


Toby- thanks for that tip ill deff make that switch.

Overstand- i do realize that most kickstart test cycles with a 4-5 week period of dbol....but what is actually the problem with that small of a dose for 10 weeks?

Bonez- just to clarify.....you always say shit that cracks me up.

Buddaboy- Yes, that is me in my avatar. That picture was taken last april in a show that i competed in. Personally, i prefer powerlifting over bodybuilding but i figured what thee hell. Ive competed in powerlifting since my sophmore year of highschool. And yes its young, i agree. But its what i want to do.


anddd i have another questiom...

for injection sites i wanted to do a rotation from cheek,cheek,shoulder, shoulder.....how do you guys feel about that.

And as far as depth...i have 1 1/4 inch syringes....how far into the tissue do i go?



Really don't need more than a week for an inj. site to be good to go again. So you really only need one site to rotate. 1 1/4" is enough for VG and more than enough for delts.


I'm no expert by any means, I only posted in this thread because I just finished my first cycle and it too was Test e/dbol.

I did 500 mg test/week for 10 weeks kickstarted with 4 weeks of dbol @ 40 mg and had great gains, but after week 4 I was so ready to get off the dbol. The back pumps are something fierce and my back looked disgusting with acne. It cleared up for the most part after I finished the dbol.

The primary concern though is that its really rough on your liver. Everywhere I've read 4-6 weeks is the most people recommend. 30mg is not that small a dose either.


toby- thanks for the info, i was just wondering because i get squemish when it comes to other potential inj sites.

Overstand- Im gonna take your word for it and apply it my cycle. Thats awsome that you got great gains. What were they if you dont mind me asking? And besides the acne what other side effects did you personally have to deal with while on that cycle, and did you take take dex for the duration?



When all said and done, 20 solid pounds, 210 to 230 and a little reduction in BF probably ~14 to ~12. I was pushing 240 at one point but it was a lot of water. I'm still doing PCT, doing nolva 40/40/20/20 with 80mg on the very first day. Don't know if the first day thing actually does anything but it can't hurt.

You'll get acne and water retention, but by far the most uncomfortable side are the lower back pumps, your back will be more pumped than any deadlift day youve ever had. Mostly happens during a workout, especially squat days or when I tried to run. Taurine is supposed to help but did nothing for me.

I started off with .25 mg adex every other day and bumped it to .5mg every other day about 4 weeks in, can't remember exactly might have been 5 or even 6. Never had any signs of gyno but held a lot of water, which went away when I upped the dose.

Good luck man, you're gonna love it. I'm already planning my next :smiley:


Acne is not a guaranteed side-effect of Dbol. I've never gotten it- in fact quite the opposite. My skin tends to clear up more when I'm on cycle than off. This is the case with others as well.
Back pumps are far more prevalent and liver issues aside, the #1 reason to not run Dbol during your whole cycle. Like you, Taurine does nothing for me. I pretty much abandon direct lower-back work after the 2nd week on until I'm off.


If you want to use Dbol for 10 weeks then 20mg every day will be better. take it all before your workout


Overstand- That just made my day that those gains are acheivable. As far as acne.....ive never been prone to it...so maybe ill get lucky. and i much prefer the idea of running it for 4weeks. As far as you pct...how long after the last injection did you wait to begin? And for the first week you went 80on day1 and 40 for the rest of week 1...followed by 40/week2 20/week3 4?


Toby- so your a firm beilever ass well that i should run 4 weeks. and i still am trying to figure out how these pumps could be so bad.


Yeah. You'll see. It's a good pain though- lets you know you have quality shit (in case the instant weight gain and strength increase aren't enough) When the pumps start to kick in I always lie down on a bench with my feet up on the bench in between sets. Helps alleviate some of the pain.


10 weeks of dbol @ 30mg will unlikely be a problem at all for someone with a healthy liver, doesnt drink, doesnt regularly use acetaminophen (and similar drugs).

My suggestion is to run the dbol for how long you desire. Use it only on workout days. Use it 2 hours preworkout (1 dose) as an ergogenic aid.

I believe dbol (and most orals) are best used once a day as preworkout boosts. If you happen to be running a particularly high dose of an oral like 100mg+ of var or 60mg of dbol then 1 dose 2-3 hours pre workout and another dose 4-5 hours later would work out well.


Toby- thats sounds a bit intense ahaha. ill be fine tho. and im just down for gains.

Bonez- Luckily i dont drink or any of that good stuff. I like the idea of keeping it at 30 and running it untill i feel i cant anymore. However at what point would that be? And with dbol i thought the half life is so short that to keep stable blood levels you have to have multiple doses during the day?