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First Cycle. Test E & Dbol Questions

For my first cycle I was planning on Test E and Dbol. 12 weeks.

This is what I have:

Test E - 9,000mg
Dbol - 1,000mg
Clomid - 2,500mg
Arimidex - 50mg


  1. I have enough Test E for 750mg/wk but should I stick to 500?
  2. Would I benefit more from Dbol or Winstrol? I’m quite lean so I’d get that hard look from Winstrol but I do want to gain as much size on this cycle so is Dbol better for me?
  3. My Arimidex is dosed at 1mg so I only use it if I notice any high estrogen


Read a page or two of posts similar to yours on here, you’ll get a pretty common answer.

Run Test only for first cycle. 500/wk is plenty for great gains. Remember, if you add DBol or Winny, and if any nasty side effects occur, how do you know which compound is causing it?

Only use adex if you begin to have symptoms of high estrogen. Split it into .25mg, and try taking it twice a week on pin days only to start. Start slow, if you crash you’re E2, you’ll be worse off.

Better chance of not needing adex if you run just the test alone as well.

Good luck. Get pre labs done for baseline readings. Read a few pages on here to see the headaches some guys have gone through.