First Cycle - Test E+Dbol+Proviron


I am going to start my first cycle and want to hear what you think about it. Just tell me all the critics and ideas you have or what I am doing wrong.
My stats are:
27 years old
79 kilos in quite good quality - around 10-12% BF

Want to start this cycle:

Test E 250mg/e5d 1-12 week
dbol 30mg/ed 1-4 week
proviron 75mg/ed 5-12 week
AI on hand if needed - 0.5mg/e2d
Liv 52 as liver support 2tabs a day

PCT is following:

Clomid 3x100g/ed then 1.week: 75mg/ed 2. and 3. week 50mg/ed 4. week 25mg/ed
AI: 0.5mg/e2d 1.-4. week
proviron: 75mg/ed 1.-4. week
Zinc 100mg/ed

What do you think about this cycle? Should I do something in a different way or is it good as a first cycle.

250mg every 5 days is only 350mg a week, which is fine but low. Plus you have to remember odd injection dates. No biggie for some, but it would drive me nuts. I’d just hit 250mg twice a week- mon am, thur pm and call it good.

At 250mg e5d I’d guess your ai is to high when you aren’t on the Dbol, but would be good with 250mg 2xWeek. I’d guess that .5mg adex e2d while on dbol and e3d while not should be good, but it’s very individual. Grab some nolvadex to keep on hand in case you have any problems with the Dbol or otherwise. It’s cheap insurance and you don’t know how you’re going to react and it’ll stop problems faster, more consistently, and better if you need to dial in your ai.

I’d just skip the Dbol this time, but if you want, I’d run 20mg once a day (1-2 hours pre-workout on training days)

The Proviron isn’t going to add much and I’d skip it unless you already have it. It can be a nice addition but, again, doesn’t add much besides sex drive and mood which will already be high. If you have it just run 25mg twice a day during the cycle and up to, but not with, pct.

Do you have a zinc deficiency or planning on one?

250mg 2x/week (1-12)

.5mg e3d (1-12)
.25mg e2d (13)
.25mg e3d (14)

Weeks 15, 16, 17, 18

On hand just in case

If you run it, 25mg 2x/day (1-14)

If you run it, 20mg 1x/day (1-4) increase ai to e2d

If it’s part of your regimen or are planning on a deficit.

If you like to spend a little extra money and want the mental benefit of thinking it’ll help, plus it helps the economy a little blowing extra money to support businesses. Otherwise just pound water and eat healthy.

TheBeat2 Thank you very much. This is exactly something I was looking for.
So lets say I will go test only cycle, no primo and no dbol.
500mg/week pin 250mg every monday morning and thur afternoon 1-12
Adex 0.5 e3d 1-12 if I get gyno symptoms or bad water retention I can switch to higher dose and I will have nolvadex on hand.
After last test shot I will go only adex 0.25mg/ed weeks 13-14

Then PCT weeks 15-18
But if I go test only cycle without dbol and primo should I use the same PCT I mentioned before but without proviron? So Clomid 3x100mg/ed then 1.week 75mg/ed 2. and 3.week 50mg/ed and 4. week 25mg/ed
Adex 0.5mg/e2d week 1-4.

thank you very much once again

And I am still thinking about if I should use dbol or not. And I would like to know why do you suggest going 20mg/day before training instead of going 30mg/day split up to 3 doses(one of them is before traning).
And I am going without proviron for sure it is quite expensive and I do not need it that much for this cycle as you said.