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FIRST CYCLE Test E + Dbol Lots of Research Done


I wanted to do a cycle when I was 18, but friends and people in forums (like this one) talked me out of it. I must say, Iâ??m glad I waited until I was 25 because I am much more prepared.
I have a degree in Biomedical science and have a strong knowledge of how the body works/responds to drugs.
I am ready for my first cycle, my aim is to put on a lot of mass whilst remaining fairly lean. I really want to have effective PCT, which is why I will be investing a bit more (even though it may be unnecessary) for an AI and HCG during my cycle as well as after.


Age: 25
Weight: 175lbs
BF: <10% (recently finished a cycle of clen)
Height: 5â??7â?? (I know, fucking short right?)
Training: 7 years (3 years seriously)
Previous cycles: None (only clen to cut)
Goals: 15-20lbs gained


I canâ??t explain how much research and effort has gone into this, so what I am proposing is the result of borderline obsessive research and reading (seriously, I feel like I can publish a paper on â??first time cyclesâ?? haha). So when critiquing my cycle, please pull your punches, Iâ??m not an ass hole who will inject whatever I can :P!

Weeks Steroid Dose
1-10 test E 600mg EW (is this too high?)
1-4 Dianabol 30mg ED
1-10 Arimidex 0.25mg ED (or 0.5 EOD?)
1-10 HCG 500iu EW

Weeks Steroid Dose
12-16 Nolva 40mg 2wks 20mg 2wks
10-11.5 HCG 500iu ED


I decided to wait until I knew a lot about cycles and PCT before asking you guys to critique my cycle because I have seen way too many people ask questions that are clearly in the stickies.
I do have a couple of questions that I couldnâ??t find answers to/read mixed reviews on.

  1. Is 600mg too high for a first cycle, if so, should I go to 500mg?
  2. Is it okay to take 500iu EW during a cycle, then 500iu ED for 10 days up until 4 days before my PCT?
  3. Can I continue with arimidex 10 days after my cycle instead of nolva, or should I supplement Nolva for arimidex in my PCT?
  4. I have read that Nolva +HCG during a cycle is a good combination, but I hear good things about arimidex. Should I replace Arimidex with Nolva during my cycle?

Thank you for reading my seemingly boring thread! All feedback is welcomed, however I do know that 25 is young to run a cycle, but in my mind I am ready and I will be going ahead. So with all due respect, can those members concerned with age, please save your words and focus on the cycle I have posted please?

I look forward to your replies!


Your cycle looks excellent IMO. Super standard beginner cycle that will give you good gains with proper diet and training.

My only comment is you are beginning PCT too early. At least 2 weeks from your last pin, so you would start beginning of Week 13. Middle of week 13 would be fine too. Stop HCG a few days before you start PCT.

Thank you for your speedy reply! Okay, I will move my PCT forward by a week. And stop hcg a few days before PCT, why would I need to do that?

Thanks again for the input, it’s greatly appreciated!

Looks great. Well put together. I would run the adex on cycle and Nolva for pct and have some extra Nolva on Hand if you start getting sides. An AI is used on cycle while a SERM (like Nolva) is used for pct. Your AI dosing depends on you and how your body reacts. When I run test and dbol I use .5mg EOD of adex.

My only thing is,

Start Pct 2 weeks after last pin

Run the adex through the last two weeks before pct, taper the dose down in the last week before pct.

I don’t see a need to blast the hcg right before pct. just run the hcg 250iu 2-3x a week and discontinue 4-5 days before pct

I’m running exactly the same first cycle with the same compounds and dosages. I’ve added 20lbs in 3 weeks and I’m only eating 3500-4000 cals/day of mostly high protein, low carb(around 200g) diet. I add fat easily and I wanted to see how I respond at those calorie levels. I’ll likely move them up a little once my gains slow, but I’m very happy with the results.

[quote]beefy25 wrote:
And stop hcg a few days before PCT, why would I need to do that?


Hcg is suppressive so you want it to clear before you begin pct

Beefy nothing really for me to add, balla and buds covered it. But thanks for posting a thought out cycle with goals,objectives and then following it up with basic but necessary questions.

Newb’s pay attention, this is how you make a first post and actually get people to help you!

That is all.

Wow, thank you so much. Can’t begin to express my gratitude, this forum is full of friendly and knowledgable people!

I will let you know when I start my cycle and I will be keeping a log on here with pictures throughout my cycle. Watch this space :wink:

Dont worry eventually you will say something dumb and we will all make fun of you and never let you forget it, lol.

[quote]tattoo’d’popeye wrote:
Dont worry eventually you will say something dumb and we will all make fun of you and never let you forget it, lol. [/quote]

True story!! You wrote a good thread and we give good feedback, sometimes it ain’t so friendly.