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First Cycle Test E Dbol Exemestane and Pct

looking to do my first cycle age Im 24 weight is floating between 196 to 202 14-16% bf I’m looking to use test e and dbol I’m looking for recommendations I’m either thinking 8 or 12 week cycle 8 weeks would look like 1/2 cc 1st week 300mg/cc test e 30mg dbol split dose 2nd week 1cc test e 30mg dbol 3rd week 2cc test e 30mg dbol 4th week 2cc test e 30mg dbol 5th week 2cc test e 6th week 2cc test e 7th week 1cc test e 8th week 1/2 cc test e if I go 12 week test would run the same 2cc until last 2 weeks I’m looking to use exemestane and lgd 40 or rad 140 at 10mg everyday for pct my main question is should I use something other then exemestane for an e blocker during cycle since I want to use it for pct and if I use it during cycle at what dose for pct I will be useing 12.5 mg everyday

I think you should consider learning punctuation before you even consider dabbling in endocrinology