First Cycle: Test E, Boldenone & Winny


Ok since my other post ive been readnng up and learning as much as possible, want to make a good cycle and limit side effects tk much.

So heres my possible cycle.

600mg test E, 2x week at 300mg

Run this for 4 weeks on its own first, then add in

600mg Boldenone 1 per week.

Run this alongside the Test E for another 4 weeks.

Then add in Oral Winny at 50mg per day, for a max 6 weeks, also using liver protect.

Have Arimidex on hand to use as needed, but not expecting high estrogen issues, but that’ll depend how it is with me.

I’d continue to run the Test E and Boldenone at above doses, taking a 2 week break off the Winny before readding it back in up to week 20, then switching to Test E at 300mg per week on cruising.

I figure to play it safe and start slowly and add each one providing nothing bad happens. Limiting winny to short bursts to alleviate possible liver issues.

Does this sound a good first approach?

Common consensus is that first cycles are usually best left to 500mg/wk Test E/C. More compounds tend to bring more sides and aren’t entirely necessary for first cycle.

20 weeks is a long cycle, most run for 12.



I am going to give you my old school approach to AAS.

I would never run a cycle of just testosterone. I always liked an anabolic to be the muscle adding component to my cycles. A good testosterone base is a good idea. I was somewhat successful with 200mg/wk, but I can see the case for double that.

This is a first cycle. You should respond quite well to low doses of AAS. My favorite anabolic for gaining muscle has always been Dianabol. (I ran 8 week cycles with 8 weeks off after the last testosterone or other long ester steroid injection.)

I did like Winstrol, but only used 20mg/day. I was never much of a fan of Equipoise, but many did like it. They said it was similar to Dianabol (not IMO though.)

My favorite injectable steroid is Deca at 200mg/wk.

My thought on running testosterone only to minimize side effects and knowing which one caused it, is that why bother at all if you can’t tolerate most AAS.

So, I ask. Why do you want to do a AAS cycle?

Disclaimer: All of my suggested doses apply only to pharmaceutical grade AAS. I have no idea the quality of the gear you or anyone has acquired apart from a pharmacy.


A. Rea. Renal failure age 59 if I have read correctly.

Anything other than Test _____mg only is likely overkill for your first cycle. You’re new to this, have no idea how you will react, don’t over-complicate things further

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Would you say your preference for multiple compounds is more for size or strength, or both?

I’ve noticed strength gains from tbol that seemed to exceed what I was getting on testosterone. 40 mg/day of tbol seemed to ramp up strength a lot, and I was on 875 mg test a week for about 10 weeks prior.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my TRT/cruise (175 mg/wk) plus 40 mg/day tbol would be equal for strength to 875 mg test solo.

For me, I like gaining size through getting stronger across a rep range. It seems like more real size.

With experience, does this line up? Or did you find some compounds lead to size without much strength?

I don’t care for the idea of compounds that temporarily fill my muscles up. It seems more like short term rented gains. But at the same time I did lose strength off cycle. Some of that was injury related unfortunately. I think if not for the injury, I’d have kept most the strength.

My only dependable metric was strength. I never gauged strength on 1 rep max. Remember that my focus was bodybuilding. It was training rep range, most upper body was 8 reps and lower body was 10 reps. As I got stronger I could do more weight for 8 reps.

Sure the scale was important. I was trying to add muscle. The mirror I liked, but never completely trusted my eye. I felt that my mind could mislead me. My maximum weight lifted, say for 8 reps never failed. For some odd reason, I rarely had “bad” strength days. Maybe it was my focus to succeed. I don’t know.

As you know I didn’t take large quantities of AAS. I didn’t actually get water bloat of any significance. You mentioned injuries and most of my injuries occurred “off cycle” with me trying to move the same amount of weight that I could “on cycle.” If I had it to do over again, I would have worked for more of a pump, and tried less to keep my strength.

Once again I stress that I always took at least one anabolic with testosterone. But more likely two anabolics.

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When I’ve trained higher reps, I’ve always had great carryover to low reps. I have hit big PRs while in training blocks with only higher reps (did a max out day).

I think it’s better for size as well.

Exactly what happened. Got up to a long time bench goal, then after the cycle, tried keeping the percentages and reps consistent with on cycle.

I’ve been thinking of training more like a bber.

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Ok fair snough suggestions. Slightly lower does of Test E and drop the Boldenone to begin with, maybe run that for 8 weeks?

Overall my aim is not to be a mass monster, id like a better sex drive and have a more physique look. Im not interested in pct as had kids and vasectomy years ago, notbothered about balls shrinkjng either, but if i feel like it i could look at HCG.

In time id like to add Boldenone or such, primobolon is expensive so cant do that anytime soon and i dont want to touch Tren due to its crazy sides, i got a wife n kids lol.

Ill see how i go with a shorter lower does.

Why not just go on TRT then? This is the safer option and actually helps you work towards your goals/lifestyle.

PCT is to help your body recover it’s ability to produce testosterone after your cycle shuts it down… NOT doing PCT is a good way to not recover in many cases.

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Agree. It fits his goals much better. If he decides to do a cycle / blast down the road, it is easier since he will have some experience with TRT doses under his belt.

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