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First Cycle: Test E, Arimidex. 6'8", 240, 14%BF

Hello guys. I am starting my first cycle soon, so I would like to hear your thoughts. I am 24 , 6’8 ft, 240 lbs, around 14%bf

1-12 week- Test E/400mg
2-12 week- Arimidex 0.50 mg (eod)

14-16 week- Nolvadex 40mg (ed)
17-18 week- Nolvadex 20mg (ed)

I’m also on my first but 600mg weekly, had the same plan as you besides dosage and many people told me to only start the Arimidex once I felt I needed it. I’ma start with 0.5mg E3.5d if and when I feel high estrogen effects and adjust frequency or dosage from there. I’m around 10% bodyfat or was when I started and that commonly leads to less aromatization.
PCT will be similar, except I’ll be doing 6-8 weeks of 20mg ED.

From all I’ve read your cycle with minor variations is the “safe” one if you’re not getting blood work done, besides all that Arimidex for 400mg/w of test e.

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Also isn’t 240lb pretty average for someone your height? You’ll get comments on that and on being 24.

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Thanks for replay! Yeah I will change that and start with 0.25mg(eod) and adjust it if I will feel High Estrogen effects. Also I will be doing blood work before, in and after cycle.

Too much AI even at .25mg EOD IMO. I don’t think you will need anything at all at 400mg but if you did I wouldn’t go more than .25mg which each pin (assuming 2x pinning per week)


This is your first cycle? Do you know what the signs of high E2 vs low E2 are from experience?

This plan of taking an AI on schedule could back fire on you and crash your E2 altogether.

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Thenks for replay! I know signs of high and low E2 but not from my own experience. I will be careful with Al. Thenks for your advice. Appreciate it

I wouldn’t use the arimidex unless you have to, don’t just take it because that’s what guys do. You probably don’t need it at that dose.


My first cycle I ran an AI with test e because so many guys say to do so. My E2 ranked and I felt like crap then entire cycle. Wondered the entire time why guys said they felt so great on gear.

Second cycle ran Test and DBol with no AI. Felt absolutely amazing.

Don’t run it unless dudes occur. Start only with .25 on pin days if needed.