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First Cycle - Test E and T-bol


Whats up guys my names Mike, I've been bodybuilding naturally along side my twin brother for the past 5 years now and when it comes to the gym we dont f-ck around. Our diet consists of 5 meals per day, which contain 50% complex carbs with vegetables & 50% lean sources, high-in protein.

With that said, after doing research over the past few month, we believe it is time to introduce our physiques to AAS'. We've come up with a basic cycle, and would appreciate any constructive opinions from vets or from anyone who is willing to share some knowledge.


9.9% bf

CYCLE (12 Weeks)

Week 1-6 : T-bol 60mg/ED
Week 1-12: Test E 500mg/W
Week 3-17: Adex .25mg/EOD


Week 15-17: Clomid 50/50/50
HCG (to be determined)




Looks good...The only things I would change

Tbol 80-100mg ED

Pct (should be 4 weeks) Nolva 40/40/20/20


Im 4th week into the same cycle. I started with tbol @100mg ED.....advise against that. Work up from 50mg. Shoulders- pumps were so fucking painful i was in excruciating pain for 30minutes PWO until the blood left. Squats- couldn't perform more than 2 sets without having to lay on the ground to get the blood out of my lower back, would end up calling it quits and hit the leg press heavy for 8 sets as an alternative. Couldnt walk to campus because my calves would swell. Couldnt do cardio because of back pumps. You get the picture.

Regardless, tbol is an excellent drug, solid choice.

I wouldn't use adex unless absolutely necesssary.

Good luck, train hard, eat harder. My appetite shot through the roof.


PCT should start week 14 not 15

clomid dose for pct is too low, read the stickies. I prefer Nolvadex over clomid. Clomid makes a lot of guys emotional basketcases.

Hcg would be a nice addition imo, run it at 250iu 2x a week weeks 3-just before starting pct.

edit: adex should be tapered down and discontinued before starting pct


Pct should start 2 weeks after his last shot, so if he does his last shot on week 12, he should take 13 and 14 off, starting pct in week 15.

Also, adex should not necessarily be discontinued during pct. Many advocate tapering down in pct to further avoid the risk of estrogen rebound, though if he is using 40mg of nolva a day for the first 2 weeks it shouldn't be a concern.


Good catch on the 2 weeks...I was out late last night, seeing the 15 threw me off ( week 12...two weeks...12+2=14...start begining week 15...k got it all sorted out in my head now lol

As far as adex, ive read it both ways stopping or continuing through pct. Im just posting what I've done and had good results with. I wouldnt advocate doing something I've not actually tried but will def offer it up as an option if I feel the logic behind it is sound.


Last shot on Wednesday of week 12 (if sunday/wednesday injections; think thursday if mon/thurs).... the wednesday of week 14 is when pct would start, so technically week 14.5


Looking goooooooooood



Yea this cycle had to be re-evaluated a few times, I got confused over the first week of the PCT. My main concerns where over the Adex and the PCT. I think the cycle is pretty solid in terms of quality muscle gains, but the PCT is another story.

I think my bro and I will be safe to begin with 60mg/ED of T-bol, I'd rather spare the crippling pumps. lol Thanks for the warning though, I can't wait to start this cycle now.

I'm debating whether Adex should be run throughout the PCT or not; however tapering it down before seems to be logical.

@Mr. Walkway
I think I will take your advice and go with Nolvadex 40/40/20/20. I also plan on taking 4-6g/ED of Tribulus till the end of the PCT. Another thing too, I would ideally like to run HCG at 250iu 2x/W from weeks 3-12 but I've read that using HCG isn't necessary on a 500mg/W cycle of Test E.

Thank you! Got any advice for me? :wink:

Thanks for the tips,


Hcg will likely not be necessary..

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