First Cycle: Test-E and Prov

I’ve been crawling round on these boards for about a year soaking up info where I can. I’m an athletic Training major at a big university in the midwest and it seems you guys here, more so than other boards, are knowledgeable and wise about what ya say and how ya say it. Therefore I’d like you guys to help me out with my first cycle.

Again this is my first cycle so…

BW: 204-210lbs
BF%: 11-13%
Age: 22 (lil young for you guys but I’ve done my research and paid my dues)
Training: Started at 17
Diet: 2500-4000Cal/day depending on workout and hunger. 350-400grams Protien/day i usually keep the carbs slow burning…brown rice, oatmeal, wheats blah blah but of course to get 4000Cals in on those big days I eat shit food usually cookies and ben and jerry’s after a big leg day for example. I don’t like to add too much fat to the diet (yeah ben and jerrys f$%^ you) but if I do its late at night in the form of almonds. Been on this type of diet for years now.

Bench: 275x2 reps
Dead: 500x2 reps
Squat: 445x2 reps

been around these forums long enough to see ya guys deal with liars most of the time so here are some pics… these pics are all natty. I havent used PH or AAS before.

This will be a cycle of Testosterone Enanthate (500mg/wk) and Proviron. As for why I’m using these… This is my first cycle and want to keep it simple to see how I respond. Nothing fancy.

Weeks 1-10 Test-E @ 250mg twice a week
Weeks 1-5 Proviron @ 25mg Everyday
WeeKS 6-10 Proviron @ 25mg x 2 Everyday
Weeks 1-12 Adex @ .25mg Everyday (if needed)
Weeks 13-14 Nolva @ 40mg Everyday
Weeks 14-16 Nolva @ 20mg Everyday


-How does the weeks 1-5 proviron look in there? Should I take it out?

-Should I include HCG? I don’t personally think I need to with this cycle, but if I had Dbol in there, then yes, I’d consider it. Just want to hear your guys’ thoughts.

-any additional help/comments would be just swell.


  1. Why do you think that with Dianabol, HCG during the cycle should be included or at least considered, but without the Dianabol, then not?

  2. What do you think the Proviron is going to accomplish?

  3. Rather than asking whether to omit the Proviron entirely, why do you limit the question to whether it should be omitted only in the first 5 weeks?

Overall the entire thing is not to my taste but I don’t want to get into that and will not. If you go to Google and limit the search to site: and search for “Bill Roberts” and whatever steroid related terms you are interested in, there are many posts. If you wanted to read them, which is a matter of personal choice. However the above points are good for discussion.

I’ve decided to do this cycle instead. I figure the Proviron isn’t going do much of anything since im also using Adex. I’m also not going to use HCG for this cycle.

Wks 1-10 Test E @ 400ml/wk
Wks 1-12 Adex @ .25mg/EOD
Wks 12-14 Nolva @ 40mg/Day
Wks 15-14 Nolva @ 20mg/Day

Have nolva and Adex on hand

Wondering if I should also use Clomid for my PCT, though this cycle is not aggressive so that makes me reluctant to buy clomid…let me know what you think.

There is no need to combine Clomid and Nolvadex, and in fact that should not be done, unless cutting each to half usual dosage (which one might do on account of what is on hand, but there is no other good reason.) This is because they work the same way.

You’re right, you did not need the Proviron.

I think you would fare much better with 600mg of test E per week. You could also frontload the test the first week so it would kick in quicker.

I’m planning on doing a similar cycle, instead of frontloading i am doing…

Wks 1-4 test Prop 100mgs EOD
wks 1-10 Test-E 400mgs/wk

What do you guys think as far as cost effectiveness? Should I just frontload the Enth and forget prop?

I would do it the other way around and frontload the enanthate, and end with propionate, for quicker transition to recovery.

Could I do both end and start… I looked at my dosages and I have a surplus of prop.

Yes, that is fine.

okay so here’s the plan

wks 1-10: test e @ 500 mg/wk FL @ 700mg
wks 1-12: adex @ .25mg ED tapered down wks 9 and 10.
wks 12-16: nolva @ 40/40/20/20

Dropped HCG and Prov for this first cycle.

One last question…should I got with the “research chem” liquid adex?

Theres no reason not to use research chems, provided you’ve found a decent supplier. Its probably cheaper too