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First Cycle: Test E and Mast

Hi everyone, i’m new. Didn’t find a section for the presentations so here we are. Been training on and off for 4 years, started training seriously about an year ago. Diet on point (3000 kcals daily). 71 kg, 178 cm, pretty lean except for a little bit of abdominal fat. Time to go.

First cycle will consist of TEST E and MAST E.

Week 1-12: 250 mg of test + 375 mg of mast loaded in the same barrell and shoot once a week.
PCT to be decided but i will use nolva (no Clomid, bad sides) and HCG during the cycle and before the start of PCT. I’m looking to obtain some good quality gains (4-5 kg I think?) and try to keep them with the diet and training.

How about it? PS. sorry for the grammar, I’m italian.

Pretty lean, with some abdominal fat

At 155lbs

Your diet isn’t on point or your training. Steroids aren’t going to do anything for you

5’8 155lbs? You have plenty of room to go up natty.

[quote]nooberific wrote:
5’8 155lbs? You have plenty of room to go up natty.[/quote]

You’re off 2". He’s 5’10 155lbs. So he’s smaller than you initially understood.

OP this is the response you’re going to get. No one wants to help an ill trained malnurished individual that wants to use gear. It’s just that simple.

You have lots of training and food ahead of you before you’re ready for AAS.

This site is a useful tool that can help you achieve the goals you want. Make your way to the beginner forum and start reading.

Best of luck.