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First Cycle: Test E and Dbol

I will soon be running my first cycle.
Height- 5’11 / 1.80m
Weight- 181lb / 82kg
Body fat- ~9%
Age- 20
Gym PRs
Bench- 315lb / 143kg x 5
Squat- 495lb / 225kg x 1
Deadlift- 615lb /279kg x 1
I have been lifting since I was about 14 on and off and got more serious when I was about 17 and have been staying consistent since.
I will be running Test E @ 600mg/week.
Weeks 1-10 Test E @ 600mg/week/E3D
Week 1-4 Dbol @ 25mg ED
Weeks 1-10 Arimidex @ .25-.5mg EOD as needed.
Weeks 12-16 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
I have my diet dialed down for this cycle along with training. Any thoughts and advice on any extra precautions I should take?

looks good to me. Do you compete in anything? Those are really solid numbers at that bodyweight. Also, what are your longterm goals? I assume that you want to get bigger/gain weight longterm, you’re probably close to maxing out your strength at your current bodyweight/height. Just make sure you eat sufficiently to make the most of this cycle. If I were you, I’d want to see at least 200 lbs on the scale by the end of it.

Looks good however to cover my moral line I have to say you are young to be looking at AAS. Chances are you will do it anyway and no amount of pandering from myself will dissuade you.

I personally would drop the dbol and lengthen the test to 12 weeks minimum. Ten weeks is really just too short to properly harness the ester. As far as dropping the dbol, learn to manage estrogen from just one compound at a time. You will be blown away from just test. Also you should always only add in one new compound at a time. Although extremely unlikely you could react to either the test or dbol. If you do react and you are taking both then you do not know which one is causing it.

If you already have a your bottles and wanted to try to street it to 12 weeks then 500 mgs a week is still plenty high enough and that way you could strech to 12 weeks. Really anything over 400 for your first few cycles is high enough.

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I do not complete, but my long term goals are to maintain a frame above 200lb and powerlift in the 93kg weight class in untested federations. Long term goals are mainly size & start competing when I’m benching 405, squatting 600 & pulling 700.

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Thank you… I was a bit unsure about the dbol. I have not ordered my gear yet but I was planning on ordering it this weekend & starting cycle next next Monday. I originally wanted to run propionate but innecting EOD does not really sound too fun for me. The stuff I’m getting claims to have no PIP but I’ve never been a fan of needles. I think I’m gonna scrap the dbol and just get an extra vial of test to extend it to 12 weeks then

Just some FYI stuff. You can push enanthate out to 15 weeks relatively safely. So if in order to make it to 12 weeks you have half a bottle left you can just run it out. However provided you use sterile drawing techniques if you end up with half a bottle at the end then there is no reason to think it wouldn’t still be ok for you to save it for the next cycle. By next cycle I don’t mean five years from now and chances are literally once you get into PCT you will be planning your next cycle. Just about everyone who has run a cycle laughs at those 'one and done" guys. So very very few of us actually only run one cycle and most of those are because they had some issue that scares them off.

A lot of guys don’t bother with an AI. I recommend you having some on hand not matter what and you have indicated you will so you seem to have your head on correctly. Also if you can afford it then have some extra Nolvadex on hand too. No one wants bitch tits and if you get a flare up adding a little Nolvadex in while you dial in your AI seems to work for a lot of guys.

If you click on my name and go through my comment history then about 9-6 months back I went on a kick of lining out how to self monitor estrogen signs and sides along with how to figure out how much AI is too much. If you can’t find those posts I can re type them for you but really I was on a kick so those older ones are pretty detailed and have a lot of thought process spelled out which would be helpful to you.

I am about your height maybe an additional inch almost on a good day. When I started out I was probably a little less muscle mass than you but more body fat. I am currently below 10% body fat and 235 ish pounds. Do yourself a favor. Whenever you buy new clothes just get them a size or two too large because if you stick with this stuff you will end up making a XL skin tight across your chest and if you don’t watch it your gym shirts will end up getting holes at that seam up under your arm pit. The thing is you won’t get the holes until you are mid workout and that shit looks ratty.

Too much real life in this post. I need a whole new wardrobe after my cycle… went 195 to 220… Nothing fits anymore. Here I though the cycle was gonna cost 200-300$ for the gear… Now I lost 3K worth of clothes… Happy and pissed at the same time

I’ll share a different perspective on the dbol: I say use it. My first cycle was 750 test per week and 50dbol per day. The dbol was the best part to me. I disagree with the idea that if something goes wrong you won’t be able to tell which compound it is. The dbol will be working within the first few days you’re on it, and by the time the test kicks in at week 2-3, you’ll be nearly done with the dbol. So, if anything seems ‘off’ in the first 2 weeks, it’s the dbol. Anything after would be the test.

As far as estrogen management goes, that can be tricky, and there are 1000 different viewpoints out there. But at the end of the day, future cycles will almost certainly include orals, and you’ll always be taking orals for shorter durations than your injectables, so might as well figure out how to manage estrogen with that being the case now.

And how were your gains from your first cycle? How much did you keep? Thank you

gains were really good, I added 30+ lbs to each of the big 3 lifts in the first 10 weeks. I don’t remember exactly how much, I’d have to check my logs.

I lost basically all of my gains from my first cycle, but that was an anomaly. I got very sick at the end of it, unrelated to the cycle.

I would say that the key to keeping gains is eating and training hard. The harder you train and the better you eat, the more likely you are to keep most of your gains. This is a hard thing to do because right after a cycle, hormones are trashed and it’s hard to stay motivated and energetic. Your work ethic will really be tested in the weeks that follow a cycle.

I blast and cruise rather than PCT now, because I got tired of losing gains from cycles.