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First Cycle: Test E and Dbol


HI! I know this will sound noobish to you and I will get bad feedback but hopefully there will be helpful replies. I want to start my first cycle in about a month. I’m going on vacation in Europe and there I have access to Test E and DBol. I already did a lot of research and know how to use, mostly at least. Bad thing is I will be there for just 4 weeks.

Plan is 500mg test e/week and 25mg dbol/day. Good thing is that in the country I’m going to I can get it legally in pharmacies. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about PCT. Do I even need it for such short cycle?
I started training in 2009, had some unfortunate breaks because of health and financial reasons, I do it for 3 years in a row now without breaks and over these 8 years I have about 5 years of training. I’m 21, 230 lbs between 15-20bf (don’t know for sure never measured and I’m trying to lower it as much as I can the before cycle)
Max weights I did: bench 340, deadlift 380 (lacking here), squat 380, curl 170.
Any questions and help and criticism are welcome. Thank you!


No you didn’t.

Otherwise you’d know why this is a horrible idea.

This reaffirms my first statement. What do you consider “a lot”? Ten minutes on T-Nation?

I’d get the vials and dbol while there and ship them to yourself the day before leaving for a real cycle. The shipping time (approximately a week if not stopped by customs) will allot more time to doing “a lot” of research and finding out what a proper PCT would be.


when you say you did a lot of research and then tell us you dont know what pct you should do you kind of sound like you didn’t research anything.