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First Cycle: Test E and Clen


Ok this is my first cycle
age: 20
weight: 190
bf%: 15%
trained: 4years
Not trying to get huge gains, just want to put on some mass and get pretty cut.

Week 1-10 test enanthate 250mg/wk
week 1-2 Clenbuterol 40mcg ED
week 4-6 Clenbuterol 60mcg ED
week 8-10 Clenbuterol 80mg ED

15 days after last injection.
40mg ED W1
40mg ED W2
20mg ED W3
20mg ED W4

Note: letro will be on hand in case gyno flares up.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


20 yrs old is pretty young for test....you have plenty already...



Age + stats + goal = absolutely no need for steroids.

Your choice but be prepared to return to square one upon cessation.

You should learn to eat better. Your goal is about as pedestrian as it gets. This is a poor decision, but it's your decision to live with. Good luck


id say drop the clen man and run just test to assess how ur body handles the compound. Then add others in accordingly to your goals. up the test to 500 though bro u should be alrite