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First Cycle: Test E and Anavar


About me.
20 y/o 6'1 225lbs @ 16-17%bf
Bench 275lb
Squat 315lb atg
Dl 405 (365 raw)

I've been lifting for about 4 years now very serious this past year. I started @ 275 fat as fuck. My diet is good but I have been relentlessly pounding food to add more size. I have no intention of drinking or doing any other activities that will limit my gain regardless of cycleing. I chose this cycle because I've never pinned so prop and tren-a would be a bit much since they are ed (tren has less sides at ed) so this is just to get the feel for pinning. I chose ana along side (again new to pins) because I like what I've read as far as being dry and good with strengthening tendons and its lack of sides.

Now I know the tests sides might be more of an issue at 500mg twice a week so if there are any suggestions as to what I should run along side or with pct id appreciate the input. I want to run HCG to help bring my boys back during PCT so dosing suggestions would help and should I have something incase of estrogenic sides like caber? I've also heard prami is good or adex and can be run during opinions?? should I wait to cut some fat to help stave off estro sides or should I be ok?

Wks. 1-10: 1g test-e a week
Wks. 5-12: 60 mg Anavar ed
Wks. 12: 20 mg Nolvadex 2x/day,
Wks. 13: 20 mg Nolvadex ed


I like the idea...A few problems though.

You need an AI, I prefer adex at .25-.5mg EOD

Your pct should be at least 4 weeks, 40/40/20/20 is the typical dosing schedule

HCG is NOT to be run during pct however, it could be run from week 3-the beginning of pct dosed at 250iu 2x a week.

Many will say that you are too young, but I know you won't listen to them so I'm not even going to mention it.

Some will also say you are too fat...but you probably won't listen to them either.


I copypasted part of the cycle cuz it was the var and nolva I wanted didn't realize it was 2 weeks, I thought it was 2 2xa day and 2 weeks once a day. Also why I asked about the adex. Could I run the adex and the hcg together along cycle?

Too young, I know and I'm going to wait till winter to see if my feelings change. Also it will give me some time to cut my bf down to I can more easily see if I'm getting gyno on cycle.

Running hcg 3-10 would that knock my estrogen levels too low? I know you need a certain amount in your body for joint support and even to build muscle.

I've also thought about running the var 20mg the first week and 40 the second and 3rd being 60. Just to feel it out and give my body a chance to adjust and for me to get used to the sweats and high blood pressure I've heard associated.

Should I try goin lower on the test? Like 500 a week? I heard virgin receptors are the time to go heavy. But seeing as I have no body irl to discuss these things with handleing a heavy cycle with no reference points besides the internets is a little daunting.


Anymore advice or suggestions?


What if I add mast to block estro sides? I have no history of balding in my family so I should be good to go. How r the agression sdes tho? Id appreciate anyone input.


Bump for advice on the inclusion of mast and lowering test.


No. Just use arimidex at .25mg EOD. Use HCG 500iu/wk up until PCT. Use test at 500mg/wk for 12 weeks. PCT is 4 weeks long.



Seriously Op...a cycle like yours really is this simple.