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First Cycle, Test E/Anavar, Aspiring Fitness Model


Hey guys

After do as much reading and research as possible over the past 2-3 years I'm finally ready to run my first cycle.

height: 5'9
weight: 160lbs
bf: 7% (based on 7-site skinfold measurement)

Over the past 3 months ive been cutting for a photoshoot coming up on Dec 5. With this as a time constraint i am planning on running the following cycle:

Test E @ 400mg/wk - weeks 1-12
Anavar @ 60mg/ED - weeks 1-6
Nolva @ 20, 20, 10, 10 - weeks 14-18
clomid @ 100, 50, 50 - weeks 14-17

Goal for cycle: get down to <6% bf by week 5, and then utilise the anabolic rebound from dieting for so long to try put on ~10lbs of lean muscle from weeks 6-12.

My main question is, would it be worth frontloading the test at 800mg for the first week even tho im taking a short acting oral anyway? I'm also open to any suggestions and other changes that are recommended.

Cheers for the advice





Run an AI, at highish dosages, so they will dry you out too. Don't expect your ding dong to work.


Oh sorry I forgot to mention iv got 14 x 1mg of Arimidex. I'm planning on starting that about 2 weeks before the shoot, starting at 0.5mg EOD for the first week and i may go up to 0.5mg ED depending on how I'm looking. Do you think this will be enough time/high enough dose to get really dry my out? Cheers