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First Cycle Test E Age 30

I am
32 Yr
5 8"
180 lbs
I have started workout before 1year, I have gained some muscle but not able to lose fat.

Now i am thinking to start my first cycle as 250mg TestE every 5th day.

My exercise routine
Day 1 Chest Triceps
Day 2 Back Biceps
Day 3 Abs Cardio
Day 4 Shoulder traps
Day 5 Legs
Day 6 Chest Triceps
Day 7 Back Biceps and so on

Please guide me how can i get reduce my body fat and gain muscle with test e cycle.
Please guide me for some veg diet and suppliment also.

Harsh truth here. You shouldn’t do a cycle. You need to figure out training and diet first. What does your actual training look like? Set, reps and weights? What does your diet look like? What are you currently doing to lose fat?

Try to look like a serious gym rat before hoping on.

Get blood work done before you cycle. You may be low T, in which case it makes sense to treat that first, then add in “blasts”. That is where I was about your age. I had low T, which made things harder (losing fat). I had a good amount of muscle, but too much fat. I have cut a lot of fat just having optimized T levels. I tried to recomp with higher Test, and it was IMO a wasted blast. I will use higher dosages to build muscle from now on. I can cut fine on TRT.

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Have you tried eating less food and drinker fewer calories?


I am eating 1900 cal, including 80-90gm protein, since 5 months.

Why are you consuming so little protein?

I have to second this… Just eating an appropriate amount of protein (~ 1g/lb BW) will drastically improve body composition without any other major changes to training or diet

Yup. And, along with that, if you’re eating 1900 calories a day and (at most) 360 of those are from protein, this means you’ve got 1240 calories left over. And knowing how these things end up, I’d be willing to bet that 1200 of those calories are coming from carbs. This is eating like a long distance runner and wondering why you don’t look like a lifter.

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Thanks for replying

I am eating 1900 cal, including 80-90 gm protein.
My workout is as
Day 1
Incline bench press 6set 10 reps 30kg
dumbell press 3set 12 rep 10kg
decline dumbbell fly 3set 12 rep 10kg
dumbell fly 3set 12 rep 10kg
rope pulldown 3set 10rep 15kg
skull crusher 3set 12 rep 10kg
tricep dips 3set 10reps
Overhead tricep extension 3set 12 reps 10kg

Day 2
Lat pulldown 3set 12 rep 30 kg
Rope rows 3set 12 rep 30kg
Dumbell rows 3 set 12 rep 15 kg
Barbell rows 3set 12 rep 30kg
Hyper extension 3set 10 rep 15kg
Hammer Curl 3set 12 rep 7.5 kg
DB concentration curl 3set 12 rep 7.5 kg
Preacher curl 3set 12 rep 10 kg

Day 3
Abs and Cardio

Day 4
Barbell front press 3set 12 rep 25 kg
DB front press 3set 12 rep 10kg
Rope facepull 3set 12rep 25kg
DB side rise 3set 12 rep 5 kg
DB rear delt fly 3set 12 rep 7.5 kg
DB shrug 3set 12 rep 10kg

Day 5
Barbell squat 3set 12 rep 30kg
Barbell deadlift 3set 12 rep 30kg
Leg extension 3set 12 rep 30kg
Led curls 3set 12 rep 30kg
Barbell front squat 3set 12 rep 30kg
sumo squats 3set 12 rep 10 kg
standing calf rise 3set 12 rep

again day 1 without any rest day

I am very aspiration towards my transformation, please guide me.

Please guide me what should i do. I am vegitarian (with milk but no eggs).

I would eat a lot of greek yogurt mixed with a protein supplement or peanut flour to get in protein in that situation. Cottage cheese would be solid too.

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Try to increase your protein, that will help with muscle mass (keeping it while cutting or building it while gaining). It is also pretty satiating, so it is good for dieting.

For now I would think about adding in daily cardio. It might move your fat loss along quicker. It doesn’t have to be too hard. Just walk 30 minutes every day.

Your workouts are too many exercises for your level of development. You would be better served do half of the exercises, but focus on progression (adding weight to the exercises). Maybe just pick one of the tried and true programs like seen here. I haven’t done 531, but so many have good results on it, that I think I can recommend it. Others here can point out what version you should do.

I would cut your reps down too. For now focus on getting stronger. Maybe spend some time in the 5-10 rep range. 5 reps for the big compounds, and closer to the 10 reps for the isolation moves.

This is going to sound harsh again, but if you are using 30 kg on squats and deadlifts, you shouldn’t be using steroids. IMO, you could gain slabs of muscle over the next year just by bringing that 30kg X 12 squat to 140kg x 5 , and the DL to closer to 180kg x 5.


Thank so much.

Please Can anyone suggest me a good workout plan.

As I have said, I haven’t done 531, but I have seen others get results with it. I think @T3hPwnisher and @garagerocker13 and @boilerman have all run different variations. They can probably give you a recommendation. It seems many go to the BBB version of 531. I would purchase the E book as well. I think you can read it in a couple hours (it isn’t very long), and will help you understand the why in what you are doing.

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Definitely eat more protein and get stronger before you even think about using test or other gear. Think 2000 cal per day and minimum 180g protein. Vegetarianism will make it difficult, but it is doable. Greek yogurt/cottage cheese, whey protein, cheeses, egg whites, and things like that will be your best friends.

First off, I highly recommend buying Beyond 5/3/1 ebook (10 USD) and reading it. The principles of the program are incredibly important. For your training program, I have to say that the original 5/3/1 Triumvirate would best suit you. It will have you pushing the squat, bench, deadlift, and press for strength and reps, and will include enough “bodybuilding” work to get your metabolism going and add muscle. But no training program will work if you don’t consume enough protein or calories. Link below:


I’m about to turn 31 in a couple weeks and I don’t see myself needing any sort of assistance for a long time, if ever, so I can’t help you on that front… but as everyone else has said, more protein would be my number one change.

Number two would be getting on just about any program with a planned progression. Your numbers make it seem like you’re content with how hard you’re pushing yourself. Find something that forces you to add weight/reps/intensity. I’ll second @garagerocker13 because he is a 531 guru, but I’ve never read through the triumvirate program.

I don’t really feel experienced enough to recommend a program personally, but get used to coming close to failure, then hammer some additional volume with moderately heavy weights to practice form after. Like @mnben87 said, bring that 30kg squat to 150kg and there is no doubt you’ll be bigger.

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Test E doesnt do shit that you do not already do and since you dont do nothing, there is nothing to enhance.
You can be in twice better shape just by exercising and eating better. You can grow muscle and get leaner.
The shape you are in is telling me you dont know shit about shit. Test E wont give you ANY gains in ANY way.

While I can understand the frustration with posts like this, @started_late is posting here trying to learn and has shown a good attitude receiving what we’re guiding him with. I don’t think the aggression here is necessary dude.

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Agression is necessary when someone is about to fuck with hormones for no reason. If that was my son, i would kick his ass :smiley:


I sorta get that, at least you were being aggressive for the right reasons. Some people just come in here and try to be a dick because they feel like they have the right to do it and that’s obnoxious. We’re pushing for the same thing, so good on ya.